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    1. Connie to be targeted

    Hold onto your hats, Connie’s about to take centre stage again – and she’s in trouble. Big trouble. After a short break from her duties as the ED’s top boss (she’s been visiting Grace in America, FYI), Connie will soon return to work and head first into one of her most sinister stories yet.

    The show’s winter trailer showed a bruised and battered Connie lifeless at the bottom of the stairs, with it later looking like she was being followed prior to the shocking incident. But as for who has attacked Connie, and whether she will be okay, you’ll just have to wait and see…

    2. Iain’s nightmare gets even worse

    Although it doesn’t seem possible, Iain’s never-ending nightmare can actually get worse – and believe us, it does.

    The once-so-positive paramedic has been trapped in an unrelenting cycle of inner turmoil ever since Sam’s death last year, unable to shake off his guilt over the tragic motorway pile-up.

    Sadly, Iain’s troubles really are only just beginning as another tragic twist is about to turn his life upside down – again. We’re not going to give anymore away at this stage, but we already know that Iain will be finding himself in trouble with the law as his story progresses. And here’s a clue: keep your eyes peeled for a shocking cliffhanger later this month.

    3. Alicia’s child safeguarding story

    Alicia is finally learning to trust her instincts where her medical abilities are concerned and this new-found confidence couldn’t come at a better time. When she fears that a child is in danger from his mum, Alicia will fight tooth and nail to make sure her patient is brought to safety.

    Chelsea Halfpenny, who plays the medic, previously revealed that she'd been busy filming a big stunt. "We've filmed an exciting episode involving child safeguarding," Chelsea told Inside Soap recently. "I got to film some really cool stuff – I went on location and did a mini-stunt, that's all I can say."

    4. Ethan’s proposal

    With her career is going from strength to strength, Alicia will also be facing some big decisions in her personal life when her boyfriend Ethan decides to pop the question.

    Wanting to affirm his commitment to Alicia after everything they’ve been through, Ethan plans a romantic proposal – but fans will have to stay tuned to see whether he gets the answer he is hoping for.

    5. Duffy's diagnosis

    Duffy has been suffering in silence ever since self-diagnosing herself with dementia last year, but she’s finally about to face up to her fears.

    Aware that she can’t keep delaying the inevitable, Duffy undergoes the necessary tests but is left more fearful than ever when she struggles with the memory examination. Is Duffy about to get the diagnosis she’s been dreading?

    6. Marty’s lies are exposed

    He’s already in a bit of a pickle where his love life is concerned, but Marty’s dodgy decisions are about to impact his job as well. The effervescent new nurse is desperate to be all things to all people, but will learn the hard way when his lies start to catch up with him.

    As a result, Marty will realise he need to seriously change his ways – and fast – but whether Robyn and doctor Joshua can forgive his fibs is a different matter entirely...

    7. Louise’s financial woes

    We’ve enjoyed seeing more of Louise of late and her story will keep on gathering momentum at the start of this year. Despite her recent promotion, cash-strapped Louise has found herself struggling financially and her personal problems are only set to get worse.

    As a result, Louise will be forced to make some difficult decisions in order to make ends meet, but could the reappearance of a familiar face prompt her to start fighting back?

    8. Ruby held hostage

    After a tricky start, rule-abiding Ruby finally appears to be finding her way on the ambulance team, but she could have her confidence tragically knocked when a callout turns terrifying.

    We already know from the trailer that Ruby will be caught up in a horrifying hostage situation over the next few weeks, but will she escape unscathed? There's only one way to find out!

    9. An exit... and some new arrivals

    We’re staying tight-lipped on who’ll be bowing out of the ED over the coming weeks, but fans should also expect to see some more arrivals at some point later in the year as well.

    When Digital Spy spoke to show boss Lucy Raffety last August, she promised that fans will be seeing some new doctors in the department by the end of the series, so watch this space!

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