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Thread: Emmerdale Spoilers 21st - 25th January

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    Lightbulb Emmerdale Spoilers 21st - 25th January

    Moira faces a tough decision following Cains antics

    The locals are shocked as the Police arrive to arrest him

    Things go from bad to worse for Bob when he is left out in the cold
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    Monday 21st January -

    A brooding Cain makes an impulsive decision. Bob's act of kindness backfires. Aaron and Robert receive unexpected guests.

    Tuesday 22nd January -

    Moira struggles with a choice. A disturbance leaves Vanessa uneasy. Aaron is forced into a search.

    Wednesday 23rd January -

    Bob runs out of options. Fraught Moira looks for answers. Victoria's plan backfires.

    Thursday 24th (7pm) January -

    Harriet makes an upsetting discovery. Victoria drops a bombshell. Manpreet attempts to secure her future.

    Thursday 24th (8pm) January - Frustrated Brenda lashes out. Manpreet sees another opportunity. Jessie makes an admission.

    Friday 25th January -

    Robert puts a plan into action. Ellis misreads a situation. Jai and Priya unite in their efforts.
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    Ok Cain gets violent with Moira, but will they break up over it all?
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    I just had a thought, surely she will forgive Cain after the beating he got from her when she was in a state of madness?

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    Exclamation Emmerdale Spoilers 21st - 25th January 2019


    A brooding Cain tries to make a move on Charity, who's horrified.

    Meanwhile, Bob's act of kindness backfires.

    Elsewhere, Aaron and Robert plan to spend a quiet evening together, but Robert despairs when Aaron arrives with Kyle and Noah in tow. Not long after, Liv arrives with the piglet.


    Vanessa confronts Cain about trying it on with Charity. Overhearing, Debbie is disgusted to hear what he’s done now.

    Optimistic Aaron reckons Moira and Cain will work things out, but a grim Moira knows she has a big decision to make.

    Later, the police arrive and make a beeline for Cain, but when he refuses to go with them, they arrest him for Joe’s murder. Everyone is stunned.

    Meanwhile, Aaron and Robert are alarmed to realise they’ve lost Belle’s pet pig.

    Elsewhere, a disturbance leaves Vanessa uneasy.


    A worried Moira tries to get an update on Cain. Matty is disturbed by Moira’s support for him.

    Meanwhile, Bob is almost caught sleeping in the cellar by Chas and Charity.

    Elsewhere, emotional Victoria is exasperated by Billy and Ellis's bickering and she locks them in the Portakabin. Ellis is anxious for his brother as Billy begins to have a panic attack.

    Thursday (1)

    An awkward Victoria leaves an urgent message for Ellis.

    When Marlon and Jessie come barging down the stairs, Victoria panics and throws a pregnancy test under the sofa.

    Meanwhile, a hinting Manpreet hopes Rishi will invite her to live at Holdgate.

    Elsewhere, Bob wakes up on a bench by the river.

    Thursday (2)

    Kerry stands her ground with Cain and insists Kyle is staying with her.

    Meanwhile, frustrated Brenda lashes out.

    Elsewhere, Manpreet seeks another opportunity.

    Also, Jessie makes an admission.


    Aaron is cagey as he leaves Mill – it's clear he’s scared of running into Billy. Robert puts a plan into action.

    Meanwhile, Jai and Priya try to convince a stubborn Rishi to ask Manpreet to move in.

    Elsewhere, Ellis misreads a situation.

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    Is Joe's body found that Cain is arrested for murder, Graham should also be arrested if Debbie told the police on both

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