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Thread: Emmerdale Spoilers 14th -18th January

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    Exclamation Emmerdale Spoilers 14th -18th January

    Mon 14th
    Debbie refuses to forgive Cain after his shocking confession
    Jacob sends Maya a topless selfie
    Sam is worried about Belle and decides to get her a surprise

    Tue 15th
    Debbie learns that Graham was in on Joes murder too
    Jacob sends Maya another selfie but her phone isnt with her
    Sam presents Belle with a piglet named Spamela Hamderson

    Wed 16th
    Distraught Cain loses his temper and takes out his rage on Moira
    Maya arouses suspicion when she gets over protective of her phone
    Which prompts David to the she may be cheating on him

    Thur 17th
    Eric tells Bob that he needs to pay his B&B bill but he cant afford it
    Maya is floored when Jacob gives he an ultimatum
    Chas agreesd to give the Woolpack staff a bonus

    Fri 18th
    Diane tells Bob its time to move on but he has nowhere to go
    Unable to pay rent Bob looks to stay at a homeless hostel
    Marlon is feeling deflated having been rejected
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    Bob should take over Jessie's flat from Aaron

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    Will they bring back Joe?

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    will debbie break dingle code and shop in cain and graham

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    Exclamation Emmerdale Spoilers 14th - 18th January 2019

    Coming up in the Village: Suspicions, scares and more. Get a taste of next week in pictures.

    Charity and Chas in the Woolpack - Emmerdale - ITV
    Chas reckons Charity should show Vanessa how she feels, and Charity's left considering her options.

    Graham and Debbie in Home Farm - Emmerdale - ITV
    Debbie decides to confront Graham. He is floored when she reveals Joe is dead and he questions her reasons.

    Priya, David and Maya in the shop - Emmerdale - ITV
    In an attempt to impress Maya, Jacob sends her a topless selfie but she's just amused at his innocence. Jacob is fed up to see he's had no reply and the next day, Maya is horrified to realise Jacob has sent her another photo and she has left her phone in the shop. At the shop Priya is left suspicious when a frantic Maya snatches her phone away from Amba in front of David.

    Sam, Belle and Lydia in Wishing Well - Emmerdale - ITV
    Sam is pleased with himself as he presents incredulous Belle and Lydia with their surprise. A lovely piglet called Spamela Hamderson!

    Cain and Moira in Butlers Farm - Emmerdale - ITV
    Debbie realises Moira knew about Joe too. Unable to take it anymore, enraged Cain snaps and losing it pushes Moira against a wall. Can the two main women in his life ever forgive him now?

    Bob and Eric in the cafe - Emmerdale - ITV
    Eric tells broke Bob he need to pay his B&B bill!

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