Itís the first day of Busterís trial, but as Darren and Mandy go to wake up Ollie, they discover heís missing.
Brody is struggling just as much as Ollie and punches a wall in stress.
Maxine is taken off the ventilator. Damon goes to see her and he wants to make things right.
Sienna has her first day at Hollyoaks High. She sees Juliet and Imran fighting and tells Imran off, not realising that Juliet was the culprit.


Ollie gives his emotional testimony against Buster. The questions are harsh, which makes Darren think Brooke may not be able to handle it, and Ollie agrees.
Meanwhile, Scott and Damon find out that Brody punched a wall, but they donít realise how much heís struggling. Later, Brody gets called up to testify.
Luke also testifies, but how will it go?
Sienna secretly gives Imran extra time to finish an exam, but Juliet sees. After Imran leaves, Juliet blackmails Sienna Ė if she doesnít get an A, sheíll tell Laurie that Imran got special treatment.


Sienna finds out about Brodyís testimony and rushes off to support him.
Sienna admits to Laurie that Juliet is blackmailing her. Laurie tells her not to worry, but he holds on to her waist for slightly too long.
Meanwhile Buster manages to send a letter to Damon, telling him not to lie on the stand. Later, Damon is up to testify.
Ollie visits Luke in prison and they both support each other.


Sienna feels uncomfortable about Laurie holding her waist last night, so she confronts him.
Meanwhile, Misbah forbids Imran from testifying, worried that it will be too much stress for him.
Brody finds the note Buster wrote for Damon.


Itís the day of the closing arguments in Busterís court case.
Chemistry flies between Ollie and Brooke, while Damon and Brody have a heart-to-heart.
Later, the jury is in, and everyone discovers whether they have done enough to get Buster sent down.
Russís will is being read today, and Myra is preparing to be rich, whilst Mercedes goes shopping.