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    Exclamation Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson)

    Emmerdale has aired Mandy Dingle's return scene – a little earlier than anyone was expecting.

    Show bosses had announced that Mandy would be back on screen for Marlon and Jessie's legal wedding next week, but full of surprises as ever, she turned up in the closing moments of Friday night's episode (January 4).

    While Sam, Lydia and Belle busied themselves with taking down the Christmas lights outside the Dingle house, they were all taken aback as Mandy pulled up in a taxi with her teenage son Vinny in tow – 17 years after her last appearance.

    Mandy made out that she was back to attend the upcoming wedding, but Lisa Riley – who plays her – has already teased that she's returned for another reason altogether. Intriguing!

    Mandy Dingle returns in Emmerdale

    Sam was first to smell a rat by warning Mandy not to cause havoc in the village, but we have a feeling she won't be taking much notice...

    Bradley Johnson, who's previously appeared in The Syndicate, has been cast as Mandy's 16-year-old son Vinny.

    Dominic Brunt, aka Mandy's ex-husband Paddy Kirk, recently teased that Vinny may turn out to be Paddy's son.

    Dominic explained: "[Paddy is] wet and dim, so it goes over his head, even after meeting Vinny.

    "He doesn’t think anything, and I don’t know what the plans are. I think they [the writers] are parking it for now and don’t even know themselves."

    Lucy Pargeter, who plays Paddy's partner Chas, added: "He’s already got a son of sorts in Aaron. If he had a biological son, that could have implications on his relationship with Aaron, who would he favour? I’m not a writer and have no idea of the plans but the opportunities are endless if it is."

    Lisa Riley has also urged fans to stay tuned for the real reason that Mandy is back. The character will only be back briefly, but the door will be left open for a future return.

    Asked whether it's really for the wedding, she replied: "No, she hasn't been invited! I can't tell you why she's back, but it's brilliant."

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    i want vinny to be paddy's son and it is not marlon's place to keep that a secret, he has april and leo and would not want to not know

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    Vinny reminded me of Finn Barton

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