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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 14th - 18th January

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    Lightbulb Eastenders Spoilers 14th - 18th January

    Working for Evie Tiffany finds herself in a difficult situation.

    At Dot's Stuart plays mind games with an elderly Dr. Legg
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    What's happened to the spoilers? Where are they published and I'll add them!

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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers 14th - 18th January 2019


    Evie orders Tiffany to find a replacement for Rat. There's even more trouble ahead for Tiffany when Bernadette drops a bombshell on her, but Tiffany rebukes her friend for getting involved in the drugs drama in the first place.

    Later, Evie reacts badly to a humiliating run-in with Phil and Dennis at the cafe, so tells Tiffany to recruit Dennis as Rat's replacement.

    Meanwhile, Mick tells Mitch that he doesn't want to coach the football team, but does join Mitch for a kick-about with Keegan allowing father and son to spend some quality time together. As the day progresses, Mick agrees to be involved with the team after all but could this cause tensions with Linda?

    Elsewhere, Doctor Legg tries to find the right moment to tell Dot about Stuart stealing the photo of his wife.


    As Mick faces busy times ahead with the football team, Linda reminds him that she needs his help at The Vic. Mick's snappy response concerns Linda, and things remain bad between them even after he agrees to pitch in.

    Later, Linda is shocked to find Mick in a state.

    Meanwhile, Evie continues to put Tiffany under pressure.

    Elsewhere, Rainie hides how unwell she feels, knowing that Max doesn't trust her with Abi.

    Also today, Doctor Legg tells Dot about Stuart stealing the photo.


    Linda comforts Mick and tries to get him to open up over what's going on. He finally confides in her about his time in prison.

    Later, Linda gives Mick her blessing to go ahead with coaching the football team alongside Mitch.

    Meanwhile, Dot confronts Stuart about stealing Doctor Legg's photo and kicks him out. However, Dot could still be swayed by Stuart when she returns home and finds him pretending to search for the photo.

    Elsewhere, Keanu gets ready for another difficult driving lesson with Louise.


    Mick tries to motivate the team, but Mitch advises managing their expectations since they have no chance of winning. Billy also puts Will forward to join the team.

    As the mini-bus is nowhere to be seen, Mick gets everyone together to hold a match on the Square instead but one of the mums Megan criticises his tactics.

    Meanwhile, after hearing that his parents' grave has been restored, Doctor Legg agrees to meet those who were responsible so they can apologise.

    Elsewhere, Rainie is pleased with how attentive Max is being while she's unwell.

    Also today, Louise and Keanu continue to bond.

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    is rainie making herself ill or legit unwell?

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    Stuart is playing mind games with Doctor Legg and I hate that Dot is gullible and taken in by him, did she learn nothing from her Nick

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