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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 7th - 11th January

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    Lightbulb Eastenders Spoilers 7th - 11th January


    Prepping for Abi's birthday Rainie has a dizzy spell and drops the cake. Later she collapses while minding Abi

    Karen gives besotted Bernie a makeover which turns into a disaster. She's heartbroken as Evie kisses Tiff in front of her


    Tiffany finds a young lad Rat in Ted's flat and learns he is working for Evie. As Tiffany tries to look after him , Evie meddles.

    Mitch turns up with Bailey to fix Karen's bathroom. He tries to keep her hidden but an encounter with Mick causes problems.


    Jack steps in to broker peace between Max and Rainie who throws away Abie's present when Max wont let her see the child.

    On a drug drop Tiffany is approached by police. Mitch and Mick are put in charge of a Local youth football team.
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    rainie up duffy?

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