Mel puts the final pieces of her plan into place on the eve of her wedding to Ray, but she's worried that he's starting to become suspicious.

Later, Mel rants to herself about Ray, wrongly assuming that she's home alone. However, when Hunter suddenly appears, Mel has some explaining to do.

Meanwhile, Louise makes a scene in front of Keanu and Ray during the New Year's Eve festivities at the Queen Vic.

Elsewhere, Tiffany tries to make amends to Bernadette, who's upset over being stood up.

Hour-long episode

It's the day of Mel's wedding to Ray and she's still fixated on the idea of getting revenge.

As the big day gets under way, things spiral out of control and there's an explosive series of events. Will Mel get the outcome she's hoping for?

Meanwhile, Whitney is surprised by Halfway's reaction when she reveals she might be pregnant.


Mel and Ray's wedding day continues. As tensions reach boiling point, there are dangerous consequences.

Meanwhile, Karen is concerned about Bernadette's emotional mood, but struggles to get her to open up. Keegan tells Karen that it's all to do with Tiffany, so Karen can't resist confronting Tiffany about what's going on.

Thursday (2)

As things look up for one family, another is torn apart.

Meanwhile, Karen tries to make things up to Bernadette after snapping at Tiffany.


One family are left to deal with the worrying consequences of earlier events.

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