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Thread: Hollyoaks Spoilers 17 to 21 Dec

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    Hollyoaks Spoilers 17 to 21 Dec


    Mandy tells Darren about their baby possibly having spina bifida. She has a scan tomorrow to find out.
    Meanwhile, Sinead plans to disrupt Laurie’s lunch with Sally and the governor, but instead decides to impress them. She suggests the teachers take part in the nativity.
    After the meal, Donna-Marie recognises Sinead at The Dog as a former fellow prostitute, but Sinead pretends she doesn’t recognise her.
    Elsewhere, Ste plays nice with Yazz but secretly seeks revenge.


    Darren is upset that Mandy hid the truth from him, but Nancy and Jack convince Darren to go to the scan.
    Later, the doctor confirms the baby has spina bifida and Mandy visits an old friend.
    Meanwhile, Juliet gets kicked off the school play after destroying the set decorations, so Donna-Marie decides to blackmail an old friend and get her daughter back on stage.


    Hollyoaks High puts on a nativity play with a twist – female empowerment. It's a huge hit, until Donna-Marie stands on stage and tells everyone, including Laurie, that Sinead used to be a prostitute.
    Meanwhile, Liam and Lisa try to sell some dodgy vodka to Brody.
    Elsewhere, Mandy is unsure whether she can be honest with Darren and visits Luke again.


    Darren and Mandy tell the kids about the baby’s condition. Ollie feels like a burden to the family.
    Meanwhile, Mercedes tries to have Russ’s body released. In an attempt to save Christmas, Breda and Goldie beg Sylver to sweet-talk Mercedes into letting them all spend Christmas Day together. Sylver comforts Mercedes, which leads to a kiss.
    Elsewhere, Jack gives Breda a dog, and she names him Bronzer.


    We journey back to Christmas in 1986 and see the beginning of Breda’s murderous ways.
    Meanwhile, Mercedes is far from a warm and welcoming guest to her cousin Goldie, who gets a hair full of gravy, but Mercedes may be the least of her worries. Myra has a wonderful idea on how to make this Christmas one to remember.
    Later, the police have a huge announcement to make about Russ’s killer…
    Elsewhere, Lily drags Prince to the hospital to find out his test results.
    Also today, Grace forces a downbeat Liam to celebrate Christmas with her and Curtis, but it all goes wrong.

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    I hope Russ family return to take his body for the funeral and the pub from Mercedes

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