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    Exclamation Beka (Francesca Barrett)

    Holby City have cast Bob Barrett's real life daughter in the role of Dr Sacha Levy's estranged daughter Beka.

    17-year old Francesca has taken over the role of Beka, who will turn up at the hospital in scenes that will be aired later this month.

    Although Beka's arrival initially throws Sacha into a panic, he ultimately decides to open up to her about the difficulties he's faced with depression.


    Speaking about how his daughter Francesca landed the role, Bob – who plays Sacha – said: “The bosses told me that they were bringing back the
    character of Rebecca, but that the actress who used to play her was no longer in the business.

    "So I asked if Francesca could be seen for the part as I just had a hunch it would really work. So she came in and she was great. She smashed it, and she’s in the show!’

    Beka will turn up at her dad's workplace looking for a place to stay on a particularly difficult day for Sacha, who has been facing a difficult mental health battle all year.

    Following some encouragement from Hanssen, Sacha confides in Beka about just how tough he has been finding everything – and is left overwhelmed by her supportive response.

    Bob explained: "By the end of the scene, we’re both in floods of tears – Rebecca says she’ll always be there for her dad and he tells her that she doesn’t know how much this has helped him.

    “It’s a big release for Sacha – one of the reasons for his suffering is down to the dislocation he feels from his family. And, up to that moment, he he hasn’t been able to see that people need him.”

    Discussing the dynamic between him and Francesca on screen, Bob added: "It’s amazing. We are best friends, I adore her – we’re a very close family, all four of us. My eldest is at drama centre leaving this year, we’re all actors.

    "We have a lifetime of a relationship, they’ve written it so well. In life, we’ve never had a cross word in 17 years. I’ve never got upset with her or angry with her, we have this very easy relationship.

    "Weirdly our first argument as the two of us was on screen! There’s that huge history, and that’s what’s great about a show like this, like with many other actors and we have this because she’s my real daughter."

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    Which daughter is that? Is she the one that had the baby? I lose track of Sacha's kids!

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