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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 24th - 28th December 2018

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    Neighbours Spoilers 24th - 28th December 2018

    Monday 24 Dec

    Leo tells Paul about Delaney's attempts to blackmail him. Paul tries to get into Delaney's good books, but she has another bombshell to drop. The surprise return of Susan's sister Liz causes upheaval in the Kennedy house. While snooping around, Liz finds Chloe's love letter to Elly and loses no time in telling Chloe to back off.

    Tue 25 Dec

    Bea is nervous about performing in the Christmas concert after talking to Liz. Susan is disturbed to find a mysterious gift on her doorstep, especially after she opens it. Xanthe gets a letter from Ben, revealing that he still misses her. With Liz's encouragement, Dipi conducts another tarot card reading, which leads to a grim prediction.

    Wed 26 Dec

    Having ascertained that Delaney is not bluffing, Paul realises that she has him over a barrel, which in turn forces Leo into a heartbreaking decision. Liz upsets Bea by telling her about Susan's unsolicited gift. Later, a card is found containing contact details of someone who wants to talk to Susan about Finn. David persuades Mark to allow him and Aaron to adopt Valerie Grundy's dog Reg.

    Thurs 27 Dec

    Karl accompanies Susan to meet Shaun, who turns out to be Finn's younger half-brother. He wants them to understand what may have caused Finn to turn to the bad and relates a shocking story of being held hostage in South America and parental neglect when he and Finn were younger. Stunned over the break-up with Leo, Terese is in for a further shock - thanks to Delaney's machinations.

    Fri 28 Dec

    Terese is devastated, but accepts that her relationship with Leo is over. Chloe has to hide her feelings when Mark and Elly ask her to be their wedding planner. Xanthe receives an offer to study at Toowoomba, but the distance from Erinsborough, the cost of accommodation and the prospect of saying goodbye to her friends gives her pause.

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