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Thread: Ray Quinn joins as Jonny

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    Ray Quinn joins as Jonny

    jonny helps ste take on misbah over tegan's death

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    Hollyoaks is bringing back Ste Hay's abusive stepfather Terry as part of his new storyline.

    Sinead O'Connor (Stephanie Davis) will reach out to Terry as she grows increasingly concerned about his friendship with devious newcomer Jonny Baxter.

    Former X Factor and Brookside star Ray Quinn has been cast in the role of Jonny, who's befriending Ste with ulterior motives in a new issue-based storyline.

    With Sinead rightfully suspicious that Jonny is not all that he seems, she will land herself in hot water with Ste when she decides to investigate him next week.

    Not willing to let the situation lie, Sinead later tracks down Terry who turns up in the village shortly afterwards.

    As Jonny tries to convince Terry that he is indeed Ste's brother, Terry has some persuading to do of his own as he promises his stepson that he's turned over a new leaf.

    Insisting that he's a changed man, Terry is pleased when Ste agrees to let him stay but later steals money from Leela's purse when she's not looking.

    Although it's clear that Terry hasn't changed at all, Ste continues to be deceived and even lends him money for a supposed job interview.

    However, when Terry later returns drunk, Ste sees red and kicks him out, but is later bullied into stealing the new flat-screen TVs from The Bean. Will Ste be able to stand up to him?

    Terry, played by Conor Ryan, originally appeared between 2007 and 2008. He later returned briefly in 2014.

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    Ray is a very good actor

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