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Thread: Laurie Shelby (Kyle Pryor)

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    Laurie Shelby (Kyle Pryor)

    Quote Originally Posted by Pantherboy View Post
    The digital spy article:

    Hollyoaks announces Home and Away star Kyle Pryor is joining as new character
    He'll be following Stephanie Davis' character Sinead into the show.
    Hollyoaks newcomer Kyle Pryor has hinted that the show could explore a darker side to his character Laurie Shelby.

    Show bosses have cast the former Home and Away star in the role of Sinead O'Connor's new husband, who'll also be taking on a deputy head job at the local high school.

    As we revealed earlier today, some of Laurie's early scenes will see him consulting with lawyer Sami Maalik about threats he's been receiving from someone who's made an accusation against him.

    Laurie is pleased when Sami agrees to help him, after a little bit of persuading from Sinead (Stephanie Davis).

    Speaking about the mysterious new story, Kyle told Inside Soap: "I won't say exactly what the situation is, but it's someone from his past a previous school he has worked at.

    "Basically, people won't know whether this accusation is fact or fiction. Laurie speaks to Sami about what his options are, because he doesn't want this to follow him to the village."

    Comparing Laurie to his former Home and Away character Nate Cooper, Kyle added: "He's very different! That's one of the reasons I wanted to take this part in Hollyoaks, because Nate was very much straight down the line you knew where you stood with him.

    "There's definitely a few more skeletons in Laurie's closet, that's for sure. He sees moving to Hollyoaks as a way to escape his past, get away from some negative stuff and start afresh."

    Hollyoaks' executive producer Bryan Kirkwood has previously told Digital Spy that Laurie will be involved in one of 2019's biggest storylines.

    Speaking to us in September, Bryan explained: "We're very lucky to have Kyle in the show. He started filming with us a few weeks ago and his performances are remarkable. Kyle is playing Laurie Shelby, who's the husband of Sinead O'Connor.

    "Laurie will be the new deputy headteacher of Hollyoaks High and he'll be at the heart of one of our biggest stories for 2019. It's a really huge, real-life story."

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    laurie rapes sinead

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