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Thread: Casualty Spoilers 13th October

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    Casualty Spoilers 13th October

    Rash reels from his break up with Gem as she refuses to accept his apology, while David reaches desperation point and gets in touch with Zsa Zsa to help in the quest to find Dylan - but events quickly spiral out of control

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    With Dylan passed out drunk on the floor of his home, David desperately rings him, debating whether he should tell Connie. Robyn suggests there is someone else he could call: Zsa Zsa. When Zsa Zsa arrives, she forces her way to Connie's office, defending Dylan and chastising Connie's lack of compassion. Sweeping out of the ED, she takes David with her. They are going to find Dylan.

    As Dylan decides to leave Holby, there is a knock on his door – it's his dad Brian. Brian explains that he is there to make amends, as he hit rock bottom but decided to get sober. Dylan is sceptical, but when Brian sees the state he is in, he refuses to leave. Dylan forces Brian to drive him to a pub and Brian does so, wanting to prove he won't be tempted to drink.

    Meanwhile, an indecisive Rash doubts himself when working on a patient and a decisive Connie comes over to take charge. Things get worse as Gem blanks him after the disastrous evening they shared.

    When Rash tries to profusely apologise to Gem, she admits she felt humiliated and walks off. As Rash continues with a stressful shift, Jamila sees and pounces on him. She asks whether he wants lunch, but still pining over Gem, he refuses.

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