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Thread: Hollyoaks Spoilers 8th - 12th October 2018

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    Exclamation Hollyoaks Spoilers 8th - 12th October 2018

    Meanwhile, here's a first look at Hollyoaks' next big wedding episode as Joel Dexter and Cleo McQueen prepare to tie the knot.

    The pair's nuptials will take centre stage in a special episode of Hollyoaks, which will air on World Mental Health Day and further explore Cleo's bulimia storyline.

    Next month, Cleo (Nadine Mulkerrin) and Joel (Rory Douglas-Speed) grow frustrated over the double wedding that's being organised for them, Russ and Mercedes.

    With Nana and Goldie taking over the planning, Cleo and Joel feel they're not having any say in their own big day.

    Cleo McQueen and Joel Dexter's wedding day arrives in Hollyoaks

    Taking matters back into their own hands, Cleo and Joel decide to get married on their own later in the week without the family knowing anything about it. However, when the McQueens find out what they're up to, they insist on being involved.

    The wedding special will be another experimental episode for Hollyoaks, showcasing the same day from different perspectives.

    Cleo McQueen and Joel Dexter's wedding day arrives in Hollyoaks

    Viewers will be able to see Cleo's skewed sense of reality compared to what is actually happening, as her bulimia storyline finally comes to a head.

    Hollyoaks boss Bryan Kirkwood recently told Digital Spy: "Myself and the team are very proud of the Cleo episode. It's another original take on an issue that affects so many of our viewers. It's incredibly moving to see how Cleo is forced to confront her illness."

    Cleo McQueen and Joel Dexter's wedding day arrives in Hollyoaks

    Hollyoaks airs these scenes on Wednesday, October 10 at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

    Digital Spy

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    Louis returns to the village. Leela is excited to have him back, but he seems to want to get something off his chest.
    Later, as they settle in to watch a film, a visitor arrives on Louis and Leela's doorstep. Air hostess Martine – Simone's sister – has arrived with a bombshell to drop.
    Meanwhile, Jack tells Russ he thinks he saw Mercedes and Sylver almost kissing last night. Russ gives Jack money to spy on Sylver and Mercedes.
    Elsewhere, Nana and Goldie are taking over the wedding plans as they organise a double wedding for Mercedes and Cleo. Cleo and Joel don't seem to be having any say in their big day, so make the decision to get married on their own this Wednesday without the family.
    Also, ever since Rose found out Tegan isn't her 'real mummy', she has been playing up. Tegan is devastated and doesn't know how to make things better.


    Jack breaks into the workshop in a disguise to find out what is going on with Sylver and Mercedes. When caught by Sylver, he pretends he needs some carpentry work doing and manages to steal Sylver's phone.
    Later Breda spots the phone and questions Jack. She warns him to stay out of it and let her talk to Sylver herself.
    Meanwhile, the McQueens have planned a week-long hen do in order to trip Cleo up, forcing her to come clean about her wedding. Mercedes has a huge row with Cleo and calls her a "boring old Jane". Later, Mercedes apologises to Cleo and the McQueens throw her a hen do.
    Elsewhere, Louis bumps into Simone, who tells him about Glenn and the blackmail. They end up sleeping together. Later, Louis heads home to Leela and they sleep together too.
    Also today, Tegan lets Rose skip school after she refuses to go and takes her to the salon for a pamper day. Jesse and Kim try to give Tegan mothering advice as Rose causes chaos in the salon. Diane comes in and gets Rose under control. Later, Tegan takes Rose to Diane and tells her she needs to stay permanently.


    This special episode for World Mental Health Day will focus on Cleo McQueen's ongoing battle with bulimia on the day of her wedding to Joel.
    Viewers will see the day play out from different perspectives, showing Cleo's skewed perception of events compared to what is really happening.


    Louis is struggling to keep his three women secret. When he and Leela go shopping in Price Slice, it's awkward between them and Simone.
    Later, Martine catches Louis kissing Leela. She tells Louis that he has to tell Leela the truth, or she will.
    Meanwhile, Grace fills Glenn in on her plans for their final job before they go to Spain. She convinces him to get Jay on board, but little does he know she has a different plan in mind.
    Later, Farrah carries out a doctor's report on Glenn and discovers he's planning to move to Spain with Grace.


    Grace asks DS Cassidy for help in getting rid of Glenn, but she thinks it's a terrible idea. The WAGS desperately try to convince DS Cassidy.
    Meanwhile, Martine threatens to reveal who she has married to her sister Simone, but Louis rushes to stop her. Simone gets called in for some WAG duties just at the right time.
    Elsewhere, Joel visits Pete in prison. Using Father Marcus's identity, he tries to get Pete to admit to what he did to Cleo.
    Also today, Tegan stayed out all night after the party and wants to go out again, but Leela and Kim convince her to get her daughter back.

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    Poor Cleo, she needs help

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