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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 24th - 28th September 2018

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    Neighbours Spoilers 24th - 28th September 2018

    Digital Spy spoilers are now available:

    Monday 24 Sept

    Susan extends an olive branch to Jemima, who makes an astonishing offer to support Karl and Susan financially for the rest of their lives.

    Bea and Ned are concerned about Cassius's erratic behaviour and agree to keep an eye on him for Piper's sake.

    Xanthe confronts Gary over his apparent disapproval of Rob and is astounded when he admits the extent of his feelings for Amy.

    Tue 25 Sept

    Susan has reservations about Jemima's offer, pointing out that her wealth has not exactly brought her happiness.

    Steph gives Gary a promotion and a pay rise, but he still needs the cash to pay for Xanthe's university course and dips into Jeremy's stash.

    Toadie gets a pleasant surprise at work before jetting off with Sonya for a holiday in California.

    Wed 26 Sept

    Karl sides with Susan and turns down Jemima's offer. Jemima is initially offended, but Karl talks some sense into her when he explains the reasons for their decision.

    Gary reluctantly accepts an invitation from Rob to join him and Amy for lunch and is embarrassed when he starts choking over his salad.

    Leo and Terese are almost caught in the act by Piper.

    Thurs 27 Sept

    Piper realises that her mother has a new boyfriend, but is convinced by Chloe that it might be best if she were not to investigate too closely.

    Jemima decides to leave Erinsborough and try to re-establish her relationship with her daughter in Boston.

    Mishti arranges a meeting with Monique, who has agreed to help her to bring Dilhan to justice according to her own interpretation of the word.

    Fri 28 Sept

    Mishti and Monique meet up, but Monique realises that she is being set up. She's apprehended by Mishti and Mark, but Mishti gets a severe reprimand for acting unofficially and is suspended from the force pending further investigation.

    After some painkillers go missing, Xanthe is suspicious of David.

    Chloe gets her business back on track after receiving an unusual request.

    Digital Spy

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