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Thread: Hollyoaks Spoilers 16th - 20th July 2018

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    Exclamation Hollyoaks Spoilers 16th - 20th July 2018


    Nancy has big news about her health
    How will Jack and Darren react?

    Nancy is in hospital after collapsing from another MS attack.

    When Jack and Darren come to visit Nancy, she tells them she is going to be in a wheelchair for a while.

    Meanwhile, Sylver is getting under Goldie's feet, so she's told him to go and find some work. He heads to see Dirk in the Emporium, but Dirk is reluctant to give an ex-convict a job. As Dirk's back is playing up, Sylver after spending lots of time in the prison gym offers him a back massage, securing himself a job.

    Elsewhere, it's Ollie's first day back on the team, but when in The Magic Bean, he spots Nancy and Brooke. He takes a liking to Brooke, resulting in an awkward attempt at flirting. Brooke asks if she can tag along to a football match when an angry Buster comes looking for a late Ollie.


    Sylver continues to face a backlash
    Will his past ruin his job chances?

    Goldie catches Simone red handed campaigning to keep Sylver, 'the murderer', out of the village.

    Later, Sylver is ready for his first day of work at the Emporium, but business is slow. Dirk discovers that the only reason his shop is empty is because people don't want to be served by a murderer.

    Meanwhile, Tegan plans to surprise Dee Dee with Disney princesses, as her application to go Disneyland is declined. Diane doesn't think it's a good idea while she's in the middle of her treatment.

    When Diane stops the party, Dee Dee tells her that she wishes Tegan was her mum.


    Yasmine makes a move on Alfie
    Is a new romance about to begin?

    Ellie is trying her best to make everything perfect for Alfie coming out of hospital.

    Later, Alfie opens up to Yazz. Unable to contain her feelings, Yazz kisses Alfie and he kisses her back.

    Meanwhile, Luke desperately tries to make amends with Ollie and suggests they play golf after school.

    Later, Buster convinces Ollie to help him raise money to take Dee Dee to Disneyland, missing golf with Luke who consoles himself with several pints in The Dog.


    Diane and Tony face a devastating decision
    What does the future hold for Dee Dee?

    Diane and Tony are told that Dee Dee must undergo a possibly fatal treatment to get better. They are all reluctant and decide the treatment is too risky.

    Meanwhile, Ellie desperately tries to cheer up Alfie, suggesting he should take Yazz on a date to a coffee and cos-play day at The Bean. Yazz and Alfie head out in their costumes, but when Yazz tries to kiss Alfie again, he admits he doesn't know how he feels. Yazz is furious.

    Elsewhere, Luke tries to console an emotional Tony, who is alone in the village with a bottle of wine.


    Zack struggles to hide his true feelings
    Will he confess his love for Holly?

    Damon begs Zack to help him throw Holly a hen do, after she throws Damon a football themed celebration.

    Later at the hen do, Zack masks his true feelings for Holly as she asks him to be her Man of Honour.

    Meanwhile, Alfie heads over to Yazz to make up, but she's angry about how he humiliated her. He makes it up to her in Yazz fashion, by adding her name and definition to the Urban Slang Dictionary.

    Elsewhere, Brody and Liberty's relationship is going from strength to strength, but Buster is constantly belittling him in front of her.

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    milo will try and kill brody over liberty

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizann View Post
    milo will try and kill brody over liberty
    Where is Milo gone?

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