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Thread: EastEnders Spoilers 16th - 20th July 2018

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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers 16th - 20th July 2018


    Tina confronts Stuart over her past ordeal
    But he insists that he's done nothing wrong.

    As past memories continue to come back for Tina, a concerned Sonia advises her to speak to the police about what happened. Tina instead chooses to confront Stuart direct, but he denies everything.

    Tina remains adamant with her suspicions over Stuart and gives him a warning. In the end, Stuart finally manages to talk her round by insisting that he's not to blame for what happened to her all those years ago. Is Stuart telling the truth?

    Meanwhile, the Slaters catch Hayley trying to break back into the cab with help from Keanu. Jean reveals that Hayley was previously using the cab without a license in order to bring in extra cash. As everyone wonders whether Hayley is up to no good again, Mo gives her a cover story, before later secretly encouraging her to continue the dodgy cab service.

    Elsewhere, Robbie agrees to move in with Donna.

    Also today, Rainie tells her dealer that she doesn't want anything to do with him anymore.

    Finally, Kandice arrives back on the Square seeking Karen's help.


    Tina realises that Stuart is lying
    Will she be able to prove it?

    Tina is surprised to learn that Stuart has already told her family about the incident from the past. Mick and Stuart are both determined to find out who was responsible, but Tina secretly fears that it's all a ploy from Stuart to divert suspicion.

    Later, Tina's worst fears about Stuart are confirmed and she plans to tell Mick everything but Stuart manages to intervene. Feeling vulnerable, Tina ends up drinking alone at the club.

    Meanwhile, Hayley ends up bonding with one of her customers in the cab, telling him that she's pregnant. Later, the man takes a picture of the license plate. Is Hayley in trouble?

    Elsewhere, Tiffany agrees to join the Taylors in helping Kandice.


    Tina confides in Linda about Stuart's guilt
    Will the Carters finally turn against their friend?

    Tina is nowhere to be seen after last night's events and the Carters worry when Billy drops her purse off, revealing that it was left at the club after she got drunk. Linda soon receives a phone call and brings Tina back home again.

    Realising that something is wrong, Linda urges Tina to open up over what's bothering her. Tina explains that Stuart was responsible for her past ordeal, but she's unaware that Mick is listening in to her revelation.

    Meanwhile, Kandice is still trying to avoid participating in her charity commitments, forcing Karen to step in and help.

    Elsewhere, Hayley is shocked when the man from yesterday arrives and reveals that he's a police officer. Will she be arrested? And how will Jean, Mo and Kat react when they hear the man imply that Hayley has another secret?

    Also today, Robbie and Donna host a dinner for Sonia.


    Mick feels torn between Tina and Stuart
    Who does he believe?

    Linda realises that Mick overheard Tina's revelation about Stuart.

    Although Mick fails to confront Stuart over the past, he soon gets an idea and rushes back home. Will Mick be able to resolve this situation once and for all?

    Meanwhile, Kandice panics with Karen as her plan falls apart.

    Elsewhere, Hayley considers getting a real taxi license but changes her mind when Keanu reveals that it will take years.

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    if tina was raped how come during linda's rape no memory was triggered, she never showed empathy if too a victim, all retconed changed now

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