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Thread: Cassius Grady (Joe Davidson)

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    Cassius Grady (Joe Davidson)

    Digital Spy article on new character Cassius Grady:

    Neighbours reveals first look at new hunk Cassius as he strips off in front of Sheila Canning.

    The gardener becomes the talk of Erinsborough next week

    Neighbours' latest hunk Cassius Grady makes an immediate impression on Ramsay Street's residents in these brand new spoiler pictures.

    Last week, show bosses announced the casting of Joe Davidson in the role of Cassius, a handsome gardener who quickly becomes a hit with the locals.

    Fans will see Cassius make his first appearance this Wednesday (May 23) when he crosses paths with Sheila Canning.

    Sheila's son Gary introduces her to Cassius and suggests that she should hire him to take care of the garden.

    In true Sheila style, it doesn't take long before she enjoys the benefits of having a frequently-shirtless Cassius working for her. Rather conveniently, Sheila (Colette Mann) finds herself spending a lot more time in the backyard.

    When Dipi Rebecchi (Sharon Johal) pays a visit, she also appreciates Cassius's talents and tries to hire him herself but Sheila quickly gets possessive and thwarts her by arranging an exclusive contract with the handsome newcomer.

    As Cassius continues to settle in, he also attracts the attention of Xanthe Canning and David Tanaka.

    Trouble brews as Aaron gets jealous when he finds out that David has been checking out other guys, while Piper disapproves of Xanthe's new crush as Cassius has already been rude to her at the nursery.

    But with Cassius becoming such a big talking point on the Street, is there more to him than his green fingers and toned body? Neighbours recently told fans that there's more to him than meets the eye, so watch this space.

    Neighbours airs these scenes on Tuesday, May 29 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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    So what do we think about this guy being the 'Mystery Underliner'?

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    piper and xanthe to fight for him?

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    I really don’t get it. He’s so average looking, he just has big muscles. I don’t see why he’s such a big deal when there have been hotter guys.

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    Put a Hi Vis shirt on for frigs sakes , its the middle of winter as well fool. And not so long ago they were on about work place safety on this show

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    In Neighbours land it's summer all year round. In Melbourne now it's cold wet and windy but in Neighbours it's warm and sunny and everyone is wearing T shirts

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    I am waiting for them to have a diet coke while watching him

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