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Thread: Cassius Grady (Joe Davidson)

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    Piper will sleep with him just before she finds out they always do it that way.
    And it has been suggested cassius kills need when he finds out he killed hamish and doesn't want it leaking out

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    Quote Originally Posted by pudpullertm View Post
    Piper will sleep with him just before she finds out they always do it that way.
    And it has been suggested cassius kills need when he finds out he killed hamish and doesn't want it leaking out
    Surely not! Don't like the suggestion, and doesn't sound like Neighbours style to me.

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    Agree with the poster who said they put him in the opening credits as a ruse. Hard to see him becoming a regular now. The fact that he has left Tyler to rot in jail for something he did would suggest he won't be around for much longer

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    Digital Spy article:

    7 huge Neighbours theories on where killer Cassius's dark storyline could go next
    Will he strike again?

    Neighbours' biggest mystery of the year may be over, but the story itself is only just beginning. The Aussie soap has revealed that Cassius Grady is the real killer of Hamish Roche, meaning that poor old Tyler Brennan is locked up in prison for a crime he didn't commit. We're printing #FreeTyler t-shirts as we speak.

    While Cassius has spent the past few months successfully covering his tracks, suspicions are finally starting to grow on Ramsay Street that he isn't all he seems. Can we guess at what the Neighbours gods have in store for this compelling story next? Here's our seven top theories.

    1. Cassius kills again?

    While the other soaps seem to have a regular supply of serial killers on hand to keep the ratings high, it's far more rare to see a dangerous figure stalking the streets of Erinsborough. But could Neighbours have decided that it's finally time to up the ante by having killer Cassius picking off unlucky victims one by one?

    Actor Joe Davidson is currently in the Neighbours opening titles – a sign that he probably won't be leaving his role as Cassius anytime soon. In his recent chat with Digital Spy, he also hinted that Cassius could pose a danger to more of the local residents. If we were a Neighbours cast member, we'd be nervously checking our contracts right about now.

    "[Cassius] has a lot of inner demons and whether they come out and he starts to lash out at people, we will wait and see. But I do think they will soon find their way out and start to affect everyone around him," Joe explained.

    "While he's not an evil person out to get anyone, I think he has a dark side after killing his father. Until he confesses to this, his demons will influence his actions before he realises he is doing it."

    2. Ned, Aaron and Sonya play detective?

    It was all going so well for Cassius and his cover-up… until this week, that is. Ned has caught Cassius lying to Piper, forcing the schemer to tell him a half-truth about his troubled relationship with his mum Elissa. Aaron has also caught a brief glimpse of Elissa hanging around Erinsborough, recognising her from their meeting in Paris. Plus, it's finally starting to dawn on Sonya that Cassius is actually a really rubbish gardener, blowing his cover story.

    With all three characters starting to suspect that something fishy is going on, could we see them team up as the ultimate detective trio and bring Cassius down? It'd certainly give Sonya a distraction from fretting about Fake Dee and Hugo so much.

    3. Cassius caught on camera?

    Technology has proved to be a right old pain for Ramsay Street's residents over the past couple of years. Lauren and Brad's affair was exposed thanks to a pesky drone, Toadie was caught romping with Fake Dee thanks to a Skype blunder, while Sonya was betrayed by her own virtual assistant "Lyra" when she was keeping secrets from Toadie.

    Could Cassius be the next unlucky local who succumbs to a tech-related mishap? Given Piper's habit of documenting her life via her online vlogs, there's every chance she could leave a camera running and inadvertently record Cassius having one of his many suspicious conversations – especially if his mum Elissa ever pops up again.

    4. Piper smells a rat?

    We definitely shouldn't discount the possibility of Piper uncovering Cassius's true colours for herself... even without needing a handy camera confession. Piper is one of Ramsay Street's smartest residents and there's every chance she could start to realise that Cassius is just too good to be true.

    Piper has been vulnerable this year following Tyler's departure but has slowly let her guard down following encouragement from her family and friends, who want her to be happy with a new guy. After throwing caution to the wind and deciding to trust Cassius, could Piper ultimately crack this case herself and discover she's made a terrible mistake?

    5. Cassius's medallion gets found in Dipi's backyard?

    In between underlining books and being a mystery saviour, Cassius has been on the lookout for the incriminating medallion that he carelessly dropped on the night of Hamish's murder. Cassius only took on his gardening job because he wanted an excuse to look through everyone's backyards, knowing that the crucial clue links him directly to Hamish.

    Eagle-eyed fans on Twitter are already one step ahead of the producers on this one, remembering that Plain Jane Superbrain spotted something resembling a medallion while doing her own snooping through Dipi's backyard a few months ago. Jane tossed it aside as it was of no interest to her, so could one of the Sharma-Rebecchis find it before Cassius does?

    6. Cassius confesses?

    Actors love to defend their characters and Joe Davidson is no different. In his recent Digital Spy chat, Joe insisted that Cassius has "a strong moral conscience" and is "a good guy that's made a really bad mistake". We're not sure Hamish would see it that way after being drowned in a spa, but hey ho!

    If we take Joe's word for it, though, it's possible that Cassius's guilt could start to eat away at him over the next few months – especially knowing that his half-brother Tyler is rotting away in prison thanks to his deceit.

    So, rather than going on a killing spree or waiting to be caught out by a third party, could Cassius actually do the right thing and confess his own guilt?

    7. Tyler returns?

    It's the big theory that everyone hopes becomes a reality – Travis Burns returning to tie up all those loose ends for his popular character Tyler Brennan. We have a sneaking suspicion that Neighbours won't let Tyler stay in prison indefinitely for a crime that he didn't commit, but the real question is whether we'll actually see him on screen again.

    Various Neighbours cast members have hinted at a return for Tyler in their recent interviews, while Travis has also made a few veiled remarks on his Twitter page.

    Even Neighbours' executive producer Jason Herbison has got in on the act, telling Digital Spy recently: "It would be amazing to see Tyler return. For the time being he's serving some pretty serious jail time and refusing to let Piper visit him. But it would be a really interesting storyline and we do try to do interesting things. That's all I can say at this point!"

    Make it happen, Neighbours bosses…

    Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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    Digital Spy article:

    Neighbours hints at Tyler Brennan return as killer Cassius makes a new plan
    Could Cassius be Tyler's unlikely saviour?

    Neighbours killer Cassius Grady considers hatching a plan to get Tyler Brennan out of prison next week.

    Cassius decides that Tyler (Travis Burns) needs his help, as he starts to feel guilty about his half-brother being locked up for a crime he didn't commit.

    Viewers saw Tyler leave the show in February, as he pleaded guilty to the murder of his father Hamish Roche. However, last week's dramatic episodes revealed to viewers that Cassius is the real culprit.

    Although Cassius is still desperate to keep his own guilt under wraps, next week's episodes see him contemplate finding a way to clear Tyler's name.

    When Cassius speaks to Sheila Canning and learns that plenty of other people were in the frame for Hamish's murder, he decides to steal Tyler's case file from Toadie Rebecchi's law office.

    Cassius hopes to find something in the file that would cast doubt on Tyler's guilt, but he's left with some explaining to do when Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) catches him and tells Piper Willis what's going on.

    Piper (Mavournee Hazel) is baffled when she finds out about Cassius stealing the file, but he gives her a half-truth by revealing that he feels sorry for the Brennan family and wanted to find some way to help them.

    As Piper accepts Cassius's story, the scheming "gardener" is left breathing a sigh of relief. But will his close call deter him from the Tyler plan, or will he still want to help him?

    Joe Davidson, who plays Cassius, recently spoke to Digital Spy about the possibility of Tyler making a shock return as part of the ongoing storyline.

    Joe told us: "I would love to do a face-off with him! Then Cassius might have a chance to explain, but maybe they would lash out at each other. I think it would be swift and fiery – a good showdown!

    "It would either be that, or that Cassius could reconcile with the brother he never had – all he wants is a family."

    Neighbours airs these scenes on Wednesday, September 5 and Thursday, September 6 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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    Digitalspy article:

    Neighbours hints Cassius Grady could be caught out by Bea Nilsson
    Is she on the right track?

    Neighbours reveals more trouble for killer Cassius Grady next week as Bea Nilsson becomes deeply suspicious over what he's up to.

    Cassius (Joe Davidson) has managed to keep everyone in the dark about how he's the real killer of Hamish Roche, but Bea is getting closer than anyone to discovering the truth.

    Bea's suspicions first arise later this week, when she catches Cassius stealing Tyler Brennan's case file from Toadie Rebecchi's law office and his excuses don't quite ring true.

    There's also another incident next week when Cassius is spooked to spot his girlfriend Piper Willis (Mavournee Hazel) wearing the coat that he left with her when he rescued her from the bush.

    Spooked by the reminder of last year's events, Cassius seizes an opportunity to steal the coat and when he later has a run-in with nosy Bea (Bonnie Anderson), he lashes out at her to avoid her seeing that he has it.

    Left more convinced than ever that Cassius is hiding something big, Bea begs Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) to look into his backstory on her behalf.

    Mark sets to work on attempting to vet Cassius, but when Piper finds out what he's up to, she urges him to let it go as Ned has already done his own digging into her boyfriend's past.

    In the end, Mark gets distracted by a case he reckons is much more interesting, getting a lead on corrupt ex-cop Monique.

    He tells Elly that he's going to pursue it to bring Monique down, before telling a disappointed Bea that there's nothing more he's willing to do about Cassius.

    Mark may have bailed on the Cassius investigation, but will Bea give up so easily? Could she be the one to bring him down?

    Neighbours airs these scenes on Thursday, September 13 and Friday, September 14 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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    I wouldn't oppose Cassius killing Bea

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    Digitalspy article:

    Neighbours killer secret under threat as Bea Nilsson finds a new Cassius Grady clue
    Will she discover too much?

    Neighbours fans will see Bea Nilsson get one step closer to catching out killer Cassius Grady next week.

    Bea (Bonnie Anderson) is the one Ramsay Street resident who's grown suspicious over Cassius recently – and upcoming episodes will see the situation intensify when she unknowingly gets her hands on a clue to his guilt.

    When Cassius (Joe Davidson) takes his car along to the garage for a repair, Bea replaces the gearbox and gives the vehicle a clean.

    While doing so, Bea becomes curious as she finds a keyring with a distinctive motif engraved on one side.

    Unbeknown to Bea, the exact same emblem is on the medallion that Cassius lost on the night he murdered Hamish Roche last year. Ever since, Cassius has been trying to track down the missing medallion – although he's also been pretty distracted by his new relationship with Piper Willis.

    When Cassius comes to collect his car at the end of the day, Bea innocently asks what the emblem is. Could Cassius's nervous reaction tip her off that he has something big to hide?

    If so, could Bea decide to do some further detective work over the emblem, sending her on the right path to Cassius's guilt?

    Neighbours airs these scenes on Friday, September 21 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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    Nelly has the medallion.

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    Digitalspy article:

    9 huge Neighbours spoilers as Cassius Grady's secrets are finally exposed
    Is Piper now in terrible danger?

    The moment that Neighbours fans have been waiting for is finally about to arrive, as killer Cassius Grady's lies start to catch up with him in unmissable episodes.

    Cassius has managed to keep everyone in the dark about how he's the real culprit behind Hamish Roche's murder, but as the walls close in on him next week, he realises that it's no longer safe for him to stay in Erinsborough and flees.

    Here, we're rounding up nine huge spoilers from the game-changing week, detailing all of the major moments to watch out for.

    1. Bea sets the ball rolling

    Bea Nilsson has been suspicious over Cassius's cagey behaviour for weeks now, so it's only fitting that she's responsible for the house of cards starting to tumble.

    The morning after sharing a kiss with Ned Willis, Bea leaves him devastated by admitting that she's not ready for a relationship just yet. Instead, she wants to focus her efforts on the much-less-romantic prospect of investigating Cassius.

    Forced to respect Bea's wishes, loyal Ned decides to use the Lassiters computer system to get in touch with Cassius's mum Elissa over email and hopefully learn more about the family history.

    2. Piper and Cassius go all the way

    Oblivious to Bea and Ned's latest detective work, Piper Willis reckons things couldn't be going any better with Cassius. Always a bad sign in Soapland.

    Piper is overwhelmed when Cassius reveals his romantic plans for her birthday, so she decides it's time to stop holding back in the relationship. The pair fall into bed together, finally ready to take things to the next level.

    3. Elissa warns Cassius

    Loyal as ever to her son, Elissa won't be spilling any of his secrets to Ned and Bea over email… no surprises there. Instead, Elissa gets in touch with Cassius and warns him that his enemies are onto him, so he should leave the country as soon as possible.

    Although Cassius doesn't want to leave Piper, he eventually agrees to head off to Senegal with his mum, knowing that he wouldn't be able to be extradited from there.

    4. Cassius tries to #FreeTyler

    Proving he does have a conscience, Cassius also comes up with a plan to clear Tyler Brennan's name before he goes. He writes a confession letter and posts it to the police, knowing that it'll be enough to get his half-brother out of prison.

    Later, Cassius's thoughts turn back to Piper and he urges her to come away with him when he goes, leaving her with a very difficult decision to make.

    5. Cassius's rescue secret will be revealed

    When Mark and Terese join Ned and Bea's detective team to find out what's going on with creepy Cassius, they snoop through his social media accounts and find a photo of him wearing Piper's coat.

    The foursome make the connection that Piper was left with this coat after her mysterious rescue from bushland last year, which means that Cassius could have been watching her for months without her knowing anything about it. We've known this for ages, but Ramsay Street's residents had no idea.

    6. Piper finally discovers something is amiss

    When Piper refuses to leave with Cassius, she bids him an emotional farewell – under the impression that their parting will only be temporary as he supposedly needs to take care of his mum for a while.

    Once Cassius has gone, Ned, Bea and Terese share their recent findings with Piper, explaining that her boyfriend has seemingly been part of her life for much longer than she thought. Piper then decides that she needs answers and slips off to track down Cassius once more, without telling anyone where she's going. That's sure to end well...

    7. Elissa returns

    Not content with barking instructions at Cassius over the phone, Elissa slips back to Erinsborough on a mission to intercept and destroy her son's confession letter.

    Elissa does manage to get hold of the letter again (sorry, Tyler fans), but Aaron spots her and finally figures out that Cassius's mum is the mystery woman he met in Paris last year. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place.

    8. The discoveries keep on coming

    On a roll with their detective work, Terese and Mark also finally discover that Cassius worked a shift at Lassiters on the night of the Guy Fawkes gala, which proves he was in Erinsborough at the time of Hamish's murder.

    With nearly all of the clues now in their hands, with several signs pointing towards some sort of grudge between Cassius and Hamish, will Piper's loved ones realise exactly what happened on that fateful November night last year?

    9. The race is on to find Piper

    Piper's family are horrified when they realise that she's gone off to face Cassius on her own.

    With no idea of where to find either of them now, Bea and Ned track down Cassius's just-sold car and examine the satnav history, looking through his recently-searched addresses. Will this be enough to lead them to Piper before it's too late?

    Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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