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Thread: Home and Away (Aus) Spoilers 28th - 31st May 2018

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    Home and Away (Aus) Spoilers 28th - 31st May 2018

    Monday 28th May

    Will Colby be suspended from the police force? Hunter and Mason wonder if its time to hit up the single scene.

    Tue 29th May

    Ebony starts asking questions about Robbo but does he buy her innocent act? Maggie plans an impromptu getaway. While Justin and Willow are at odds, Ash and Tori reconnect.

    Wed 30th May

    Can Tori and Ash give their relationship another go? Maggie’s goodbye letters are discovered. Alf tries to help Robbo find a purpose in life.

    Thurs 31st May (triple episode)

    Mason and Hunter are promoting the Singles Mingle at Salt. Ebony is getting closer to Colby, but are her plans foiled by Robbo? Brody and Ziggy’s engagement is back on.


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    TV Week has these H&A plot teasers:

    Sweet Proposal.

    Are Ziggy And Brody Set To Tie The Knot?

    Lovestruck Ziggy goes all out this week when she proposes to boyfriend Brody in Home and Away.

    And what a public proposal it is! Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) unveils a sign on the balcony of the surf club emblazoned with the words "Marry me?"

    Below, Brody (Jackson Heywood) stares up in shock.

    "She loves Brody and knows she wants to be with him," Sophie, 25, tells TV WEEK.

    Will he say yes?

    The two young lovers' relationship has been a roller-coaster, but they've managed to stick it out together.

    "Ziggy and Brody are stronger than ever and falling more and more in love," Sophie says.

    In truth, they haven't been together very long. So what could prompt Ziggy to pop the question now?

    The answer lies in her mother Maggie's illness. Maggie is battling cancer - and it's having a devastating effect on the family.

    This week, Maggie and Ben go on an impromptu romantic getaway. On their return from their mini-break, it's Ziggy who, while unpacking their bags, discovers Maggie's goodbye letters for the family.

    Ziggy, her sister Coco and their dad are hurt that the Astoni matriarch seems to be giving up her fight.

    "Finding something like that is so shocking and emotional all at once," Sophie says of the letters.

    Maggie explains she wrote them just in case, well, she doesn't make it.

    Ziggy is conflicted about whether she wants to read hers. When she eventually does, she tells Coco their mum says she's afraid she'll never see Ziggy get married.

    Suddenly, Ziggy has an idea. What if her beloved mum doesn't have to miss out on her big day?

    She tells a surprised Coco she's going to propose to Brody.

    "Ziggy always backs her decisions," Sophie explains. "Once she reads the letter, she's able to connect the dots. She wants to make her mum happy too, so it falls into place."

    Now, as Brody looks up at the sign Ziggy's created, his brother Mason, the Astonis and Marilyn look on. Tears well in Brody's eyes.

    It all comes down to what he'll say next...

    Summer Bay Scandal.

    The Local Cop's Future Is On The Line.

    Colby's River Boy past is exposed this week. And with Summer Bay seething over his history with the notorious gang, the cop is suspended from the police force. Is his career in tatters?

    In shocking episodes of Home and Away, someone leaks Colby's (Tim Franklin) history as a River Boy to the local newspaper.

    And you can take one guess who is behind it: the ever-cunning Ebony.

    "She's playing games with Colby," Tim, 27, says.

    Last week, Ebony eavesdropped on Jasmine (Sam Frost) telling Leah that Colby dumped her after she told Leah about Colby and the River B oys.

    "Colby was furious that Jasmine spilled his secret to Leah," Sam, 29, says. "To be fair, Jas had no idea it was such a big deal!"

    Armed with the ammunition she needs, Ebony this week goes straight to the media. The news causes the scandal she was hoping for.

    Alf and John are to learn that their local officer was once a gang member.

    "It's traumatic for Colby when this gets out," Tim explains. "I think he's feeling vulnerable and exposed."

    Colby's boss, Sergeant McCarthy, tells him his links to the gang is a matter for the Police Integrity Commission. He warns that his career could be in jeopardy.

    A furious Colby wants to know who's behind the leak.

    "It's a secret he's kept under wraps," Tim says. "He's frustrated that it's out."

    Robbo, who is back in the Bay, discusses the situation with Colby. He tells him he thinks someone might be out to get him. Of course, Colby has no idea it's Ebony.

    Ebony visits the pier apartment, in an attempt to extract information about Robbo. When he leaves, she plants the seed that perhaps Robbo is behind the leak.

    Colby, however, has one person in his sights: his ex-lover, Jasmine. He points the finger at her because, as Tim points out, "She's the last person he told".

    But she denies she leaked the story to the media. He then goes to Dean and Willow, who both deny any wrongdoing.

    As Colby leaves, Dean offers him a handshake - the first time the two have shaken hands in years.

    But lurking nearby is - you guessed it - Ebony, who captures the moment on her mobile phone camera.

    The writing is on the wall for poor Colby when Sergeant McCarthy later shows him the evidence of him shaking hands with Dean.

    Colby is suspended without pay while the matter is investigated.

    Ebony strikes again!

    Heating Up

    Ash And Tori Kiss.

    Here's some news fans have been waiting to hear for months - Ash and Tori are back on!

    The former lovers kiss this week. But can the couple make it work a second time?

    The moment occurs as Ash tries to help Justin move on after his break-up with Willow. He tells Justin that losing Tori is his number one regret.

    Tori overhears the conversation from the next room. Overwhelmed with emotion, she rushes towards Ash, pulls him into her arms and kisses him passionately!

    But there's a lot of water under the pier for these two. Fans will recall Ash's anger issues surrounding Robbo's involvement in the death of his former lover Kat and their unborn child drove them apart.

    Ash claims he's a changed man. Can the couple really overcome their differences?

    Will Hunter And Olivia Rekindle Their Romance?

    Looking for love in Summer Bay? Mason has the answer.

    This week, the trainer decides tp put himself on the market by signing up for singles night at Salt. After some encouragement, he convinces Hunter to join him.

    Of course, the road to happiness hasn't been easy for either of them. Mason is still grieving Beth's death. And Hunter has struggled to move on from his split with Olivia.

    On the night, Mason is feeling confident. He quickly strikes up a conversation with a mystery woman.

    Elsewhere, Leah arrives, hoping to get ideas for her online blog. Olivia also makes a shy entrance.

    Poor Hunter has never felt more uncomfortable. From across the room, Hunter watches as Olivia chats to potential suitore.

    Will he give her another chance before it's too late?

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