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Thread: Home and Away actress Cathy Godbold (Meg) dies aged 43

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    Home and Away actress Cathy Godbold (Meg) dies aged 43

    Cathy Godbold, who played Meg on H&A, has passed away.

    A couple of articles from:

    Home and Away actress Cathy Godbold dies aged 43

    News has broken today that Home and Away actress Cathy Godbold has died aged 43.

    The star has battled for more than a decade with brain-cancer - diagnosed 2007.

    Her family confirmed her passing to news outlets this afternoon.

    Cathy is remembered best for playing Meg Bowman on the series. Her character's death scene - in the arms of her boyfriend, played by Les Hill, is known as one of the show's most powerful moments.


    Tragedy as The Saddle Club and Home and Away actress Cathy Godbold dies aged 43 after a battle with brain cancer.

    Actress Catherine Godbold, best known for her role as Deborah Hale Regnery on The Saddle Club, has died at the age of 43, a family spokesperson has confirmed.

    The young star was diagnosed with brain cancer in May 2007 before The Saddle Club was picked up for a third season.

    'Cathy' as she was nicknamed, had the tumour removed and began radiotherapy.

    At the time she said: 'It was a terrible shock to find out I was ill. Because I am young and healthy I have a much better chance of beating it. I want to get healthy and get back to work as soon as possible. I feel tired as the treatment does knock you for six.'

    During her time playing attractive journalist Deborah Hale on The Saddle Club, her character falls in love with the stables owner, Max Regnery.

    According to Saddle Club TV, Ms Godbold said the best part about working on the series for 32 episodes was her cast mates.

    'The three young stars treat me like I am their older sister, coming to me for advice and telling me about teenage crushes but the best part of working with so many children are the hugs I get all day,' she said.

    Her mother is well-known Australian television and radio personality Rosemary Margan and her father is a television director.

    'The world of entertainment was almost inbred; I was surrounded by it all my life, going to the television studios with my mother and always hearing stories about the industry. I always knew I wanted to be part of it,' Ms Godbold said.

    She studied acting for many years, did three years of classical ballet, tap and jazz and won a singing scholarship to the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts.

    Ms Godbold was the youngest singer ever to be accepted into this college but had to cut her course short when she was offered a role in iconic television series Home and Away.

    It's not known yet what Ms Godbold died from.

    ...and DailyMail:

    Tragedy as The Saddle Club and Home and Away actress Cathy Godbold dies aged 43 after losing decade-long battle with brain cancer that left her unable to remember the roles that made her famous

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    rip, meg dying in blake's arms i still remember

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    Lifes not fair .... she was far too young to go.

    Those scenes where epic ..

    Thank you Cathy for entertaining us.

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    RIP too young to die

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