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Thread: Eastenders Spoilers 23rd - 27th April

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    Eastenders Spoilers 23rd - 27th April

    Arshad offers his help to a stranger but all is not what it seems.Whitney ponders Tiffany's future in Walford. Ian continues to try to get one up on Masood.

    Everyone is less than pleased to see Max but why has he returned? Arshad's suspicions are confirmed. Tiffany tries to make things up with Whitney.

    Arshad and Masood's worst fears come true. Tiffany is forced to contemplate her recent actions after being given a harsh reality check. Sharon offers Max some advice.

    The Slaters are forced to dig themselves out of another hole. Max does all he can to get his life back together.

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    EastEnders Spoilers 23rd - 27th April 2018


    Ian and Masood's joint business gets off to a bad start when Ian tries to cut Masood out of an interview he's arranged to drum up publicity.

    Later on, there's a distraction for everyone when the opening of the new car lot attracts much attention on the Square. Ian is in for a shock when he sees that Max Branning is behind it.

    Meanwhile, newcomer Chloe arrives on Albert Square and pretends to be injured in order to capture Arshad's attention. When they get talking, Chloe begins asking questions about Harley. Arshad is unsettled by her behaviour, but is unaware that she's actually Harley's mother.

    Elsewhere, Tiffany decides to make Louise pay for picking on Bernadette. She uploads a picture online of Louise and Hunter kissing, which causes a huge row on the street. As a result, Whitney questions Tiffany's future on the Square.


    Max's return doesn't go down well with the residents of Albert Square, especially when he drops a big bombshell.

    Although Mick and Linda warn Max to stay away from the Queen Vic, he does have an ally in Mel who offers him the use of E20. Later on, Stacey is shocked by what Max tells her.

    Meanwhile, when Arshad discovers that his CCTV has been vandalised, he tells Masood that they should call the police and social services.

    Elsewhere, knowing her future in Walford is under threat, Tiffany tries to make it up to Whitney by arranging another video call date for her and Halfway. However, Whitney fears for Halfway's safety when he doesn't answer.


    Arshad and Masood are horrified to find that Harley has been snatched by his biological parents. Masood is quick to blame Tiffany after she posted a picture of Harley online.

    When the police get involved and launch a search, there's relief all round when Harley is returned to Arshad.

    Meanwhile, Tiffany feels terrible over the consequences of her thoughtless behaviour and packs her bags. She receives unlikely support from Keegan, who tries to comfort her at the park.

    Elsewhere, Sharon warns Max that Phil won't be happy about the car lot, but Max isn't scared.

    Also today, Kat and Mo cheekily help themselves to a drink while cleaning for Mel.


    Max tries to get his life back together following his return, but how easy will it be?

    Meanwhile, Mel gets tough with Kat warning her to return the booze she stole the night before if she wants to keep her job. Later on, Kat manages to get herself a cleaning trial at The Vic and steals some of the Carters' alcohol to pay Mel back!

    Elsewhere, all is well for the Ahmeds again now that Harley's parents are in custody.

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    Did Jay sell the car lot to Max or hire him to run it?

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    Sold it I think.

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    stacey or sharon can rumble around the car lot office floor with maxy

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