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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 30th April - 4th May 2018

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    Neighbours Spoilers 30th April - 4th May 2018


    When Jimmy goes missing from school, Elly calls Liam, who finds his son in a collapsed state.

    Monique has left town in a hurry, and Mishti realises that Leo and Mark were right about her. Needing space to think things over, she breaks up with Leo.

    The Sharma-Rebecchis are crowned the Face of Lassiter's, but Dipi's temper gets her into hot water.


    Liam rushes Jimmy into hospital. When Amy arrives, she is upset to learn that Liam was Elly's hot date.

    Resigned to the fact that her stamps are lost, Jane goes out with Paul. They open up to each other, but she later gets the news that her grandmother has died.

    Dipi is too stubborn to apologise for her behaviour, with unfortunate consequences.


    Elly and Amy both feel awkward about Liam, but neither wants it to spoil their friendship.

    As Jane prepares to depart, a surprise gift of her grandmother's painting from Paul contains an unexpected bonus the missing book of stamps.

    When unexpected childcare costs leave Toadie unable to pay his office rent, Chloe evicts him.


    Terese learns of Toadie's eviction and tears a strip off Chloe, who realises she has much to learn.

    Piper takes a small step to move on from Tyler.

    After Clive rejects her business proposal, Rita opts to fund Karl's project for a year but she has a hidden agenda.

    Inspired by Jane's stamp discovery, the Cannings and Brennans begin their own treasure hunts.


    Toadie is delighted when Clive offers him a job, but his first assignment is to find a way to block Rita's donation to Karl's project.

    Steph finds an old item of sentimental value.

    Terese tells Leo to fire Chloe, but before he can do so, she comes up with an inspired business plan to help both Lassiter's and Toadie. Leo and Chloe are drawn closer together.

    And coming soon...

    Things go from bad to worse on a school camping trip.
    Dipi is forced to swallow her pride.
    Chloe and Leo succumb to temptation.
    Toadie's loyalty is put to the test.
    Fay returns to Erinsborough with some shocking news.
    Both Elly and Liam have important decisions to make.

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    TV Week has these Neighbours plot teasers:

    Deadly Collapse.

    Will little Jimmy Survive?

    Schoolboy Jimmy's life is on the line when he collapses on the way home from school in this week's Neighbours. The crisis could also expose a secret that will divide friends.

    We pick up the drama with Jimmy (Darcy Tadich) feeling off-colour as he heads to school.

    His grandfather Paul (Stefan Dennis) has returned from business in Sydney and is livid when he discovers Liam (James Beck) is back in Jimmy's life.

    As viewers know, Liam is Amy's (Zoe Cramond) ex-husband. Amy has raised their son as a single parent. However, Liam recently returned to Erinsborough and is making an effort to be a bigger presence in Jimmy's life.

    What Amy doesn't know is that Liam and her friend Elly (Jodi Anasta) have just started dating.

    "Elly is concerned about the relationship and how that will affect them all," Jodi, 33, tells TV WEEK.

    "She wants to protect her friend, but also her new love interest."

    Jimmy's health crisis threatens to expose Elly and Liam's secret.

    It's Elly who notices Jimmy is unwell at school and sends him to the sick bay. When Jimmy decides to head home, Elly tries to call Amy, but can't get through.

    A desperate Elly then phones Liam, who goes searching for Jimmy. He finds the boy collapsed on the ground and in urgent need of medical help.

    Fans will recall Jimmy has a weakened immune system, as his spleen was removed following an accident. This makes his illness life-threatening.

    Jimmy is rushed to hospital, just as Amy finally hears what's happened. The worried single mum blames herself for her son's predicament.

    Amy is also very confused when she notices Elly and Liam in close conversation at the hospital.

    "Elly is worried about how Amy will react," Jodi explains. "She tries to handle it as best she can, which ends up backfiring."

    Sounds like it's only a matter of time before Amy discovers the truth!

    [Trivia time: Zoe Cramond was in Dancing with The Stars in 2012. She and partner Aric Yegudkin were the favourites to win, but came third.]

    Hot Date.

    Jane And Paul Share A Romantic Dinner.

    Well, what do we have here?

    In a surprising turn of events, Jane and scheming Paul enjoy an intimate dinner together this week.

    But just as things are heating up, Jane (Annie Jones) receives an urgent call from London that causes her great concern.

    Since Jane left Erinsborough in 1989, she's been looking after her grandmother Nell Mangel (the late Vivean Grey) in London. Her trip back home has been bittersweet.

    "After spending 29 years in London looking after Mrs Mangel, Jane's return to Erinsborough is both a nostalgic trip home and a painful reminder of all she's missed out on," Annie, 51, tells TV WEEK.

    However, Jane made the decision to spend her life caring for her beloved grandmother - a decision she has never regretted.

    "Nell Mangel has been the one constant in Jane's life," Annie explains. "She means the world to her. That's why Jane was willing to give up her own life to care for her."

    Over wine, Jane opens up to Paul about what she's left behind in Erinsborough to look after Mrs Mangel. Jane feels like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders as she speaks freely with her old friend.

    But then Jane receives a phone call that brings her date to an abrupt halt. She's clearly upset about something. What could it be?

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