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Thread: Home and Away (Aus) Spoilers 30th April - 3rd May 2018

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    Home and Away (Aus) Spoilers 30th April - 3rd May 2018

    Monday 30 April

    Will Dean sell Colby down the River? Can Maggie cope while Ben goes back to work? Can Olivia and Jasmine make their new housing arrangement work?

    Tue 1 May

    Ebony digs for information about Colby. Is Olivia having second thoughts about her new roommate? Maggie’s health leaves her feeling disconnected from the world and her family.

    Wed 2 May

    What is Ebony up to? Will Justin and Willow make amends? Marilyn and John are successful in their foster application.

    Thurs 3 May

    Will Justin lose his business? What game is Ebony playing? Will Olivia convince Jasmine to follow her heart before its too late?


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    Ben works as what?

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    TV Week has these H&A plot teasers:

    An Eye For An Eye.

    Ebony Sets Her Deadly Plan In Motion - But Who Will She Target?

    The shocking demise of big, bad Boyd has left the residents of Summer Bay reeling. But the worst is yet to come when his unhinged sister, Ebony, goes to extreme lengths to avenge his death.

    In an intense week in Home and Away, crazed newcomer Ebony (Cariba Heine) hopes to befriend policeman Colby (Tim Franklin), who shot Boyd (Steve Le Marquand).

    At the same time, friends will become foes as Ebony spins a web of lies.

    How far will she go for revenge?

    Start Your Engines.

    At the beginning of a taught week, the brunette lurks around town, keeping a close watch on her prey.

    Fans will recall the mysterious woman was at the hospital when local doc Tori (Penny McNamee) announced Boyd had died. She also discovered it was Colby who pulled the trigger during the kidnapping ordeal.

    When Ebony shared the devastating news with her mother, Hazel (Genevieve Lemon), the pair vowed to get back at those responsible. But the policeman isn't the only one in her sights.

    "Ebony is after anyone and everyone who had anything to do with Boyd's death," Tim, 27, tells TV WEEK. "There's no telling what she'll do."

    At Salt, Ebony watches from a distance as Colby and Jasmine (Sam Frost) interact. She casually grills Brody Jackson Heywood) for information about the pair before following them to the beach.

    When no-one is looking, Ebony pierces the tyres of her own car and waits for Colby to walk by.

    "Ebony waits to get his attention in her first attempt to get close to him," Tim says. "He doesn't realise she's manipulating him,"

    However, her plan is derailed when Hunter (Scott Lee) and Mason (Orpheus Pledger) offer their services. They suggest the tyres deliberately. But Ebony feigns shock. Who would do such a thing?

    Together, the trio take the car to the garage, where she meets Justin (James Stewart). Coincidence? We think not.

    Dean's Dilemma

    Meanwhile, Colby is dealing with his own issues as an investigation into the fatal shooting begins. The policeman is convinced he did the right thing. After all, Boyd was inches away from hurting Dean (Patrick O'Connor).

    Unfortunately, not everybody thinks so, and the policeman is at risk of losing his job. Plus, Dean plans to use Colby's dicey situation as payback for his betrayal all those years ago.

    "Colby has had a very turbulent upbringing," Tim reveals. "The trauma, heartaches and loss has shaped him into a very stoic guy."

    Fans will recall former best friends Dean and Colby were in a horrific car accident. Colby left Dean for dead so he wouldn't get caught by police. He then became a police officer to find his family, who have been missing for years.

    "Finding Ava kept his own hope of finding his own loved ones afloat," Time explains. "It's the reason he joined the force and took the job in the Bay. It's the main thing that drives him."

    At the station, Colby learns he has been suspended due to Dean's eye-witness report. Fed up, he confronts the River Boy and defends his actions. He saved Dean's life!

    In a heated exchange, their issues implode, and Dean threatens to reveal Colby's past as a River Boy to the police. If he does, the young officer's career in uniform is over for good.

    Will he really turn in the man who once saved his life?

    Raising The Stakes

    Later that day, Ebony is in her motel studying photos of Colby, Justin, Tori, Willow and Dean - they were all present at the time of her brother's death.

    Hazel insists her daughter is taking her revenge scheme too far. But Ebony argues they all deserve to pay.

    The next day, the brunette attempts to retrieve her car from the garage. But Justin isn't around to approve its release.

    Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) tells her they have to wait for the business owner. But the newcomer manages to charm Dean, and he hands over the keys.

    "She's pretty specific about who she wants to take down," Tim explains. "Revenge is her game, and she won't stop until she wins,"

    After leaving the garage, Ebony pulls over to research ways to make brakes fail.

    As she thinks back to her hit list, she drives off with a wicked smile. Uh-oh! Watch out, Summer Bay!

    All Bets Are On.

    Willow Turns To Gambling To Get Over Justin.

    Looking for a distraction from her heartache, Willow heads to the racetrack. But what happens when her winning streak dries up?

    This week, the bikie babe is struggling to move on after Ava's mother, Nina, gave Justin an ultimatum: leave Willow or stay away from their daughter.

    An upset Willow blows off some steam by placing a bet. She comes out on top and walks away with a spring in her step.

    The next day, however, she has a run-in with Justin at Salt and lands back at the TAB.

    Will Willow pick up her old habits again?

    Fostering Surprise.

    Marilyn Receives Some Unexpected News.

    After several failed attempts to become foster parents, this week, Marilyn and John will finally receive the news they've been waiting for.

    The couple are thrilled when the fostering agency calls to say they've a child in desperate need of a home.

    If Marilyn and John are approved, the youngster will arrive imminently.

    The couple's chances of fostering plummeted last year when John lit the Summer Bay bushfire and the community blacklisted him.

    Thankfully, the truth about his illness came to light, and John was cleared. Now, their chances have improved.

    But it seems it won't be as simple as they'd hoped. Because Raffy is living with them, the agency insists on reviewing their application.

    Marilyn fears the drama circling the Morgan family including the recent kidnapping of Justin's daughter, Ava, will ruin their hopes of fostering.

    Will they finally achieve their dream?

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