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Thread: Chelsea ( Ashleigh Brewer)

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    Exclamation Chelsea ( Ashleigh Brewer)

    Former Neighbours star Ashleigh Brewer has confirmed that she's joining the cast of Home and Away in an exclusive chat with Digital Spy.

    The actress, best known to Aussie soap fans for her role as Erinsborough's Kate Ramsay, has just started work in Summer Bay playing new girl Chelsea.

    As Home and Away films several months in advance, it'll take a while for us to see Chelsea on our screens – but Ashleigh caught up with Digital Spy this week for her only UK media chat about the exciting new part, sharing some early teasers.

    How does it feel to have joined the cast of Home and Away?

    "I'm so excited about it. The character in particular is great and the storyline is fantastic. I'm very excited to dive into a show that is so long-standing and one that I know very well.

    "I was in LA when the role came up, so the audition side came to me by email and I recorded a tape that I sent through. I was later asked to do another tape, so I did that and then we signed off. It all happened really fast."

    What can you tell us about the character you're playing?

    "I'm not allowed to give too much away just yet, but we know that her name is Chelsea and she's a police officer. She's come to the Bay to give one of our favourites a real shock…"

    Is Chelsea a nice or nasty character?

    "I would say she is an extremely nice person with a strong head on her shoulders, but she'll be causing a little bit of trouble through circumstances out of her control."

    Ashleigh Brewer

    Are you looking forward to spending the next few months working on Palm Beach, where Home and Away is filmed?

    "I'm so excited. I really love it. I was there the other day for the first time and I realised that I'd be able to spend a lot of time working on the beach, which would be a dream.

    "But then I also realised that I'm going to have to be on that beach in the middle of winter here, so that's the downside! (Laughs.) But it definitely will look beautiful!"

    Good point – in the UK, we're sometimes tricked into thinking that it's always summer in Summer Bay!

    "No, you think that because Home and Away always makes it look like it's summer! (Laughs.) It'll be very cold!"

    Have the cast given you a warm welcome on set?

    "Oh my God, yes. They're all incredible – from cast and crew to the production side of things. Everyone has just been wonderful. It's been a dream to walk into."

    You're around in the show for a few months, so are you excited to get your teeth into a long-term story?

    "Yeah, definitely. It is long-term, but at the same time, in terms of a soap contract it's very short. Six months for me is perfect, because you go into the show very clear over what the arc will be. To me this is the perfect amount of time."

    Georgia and Mark try to save Kate
    © CHANNEL 5

    How do you look back on your time as Kate Ramsay in Neighbours?

    "So fondly. Since then, I've had four years in LA and I doubt that would have come up without the platform of Neighbours. I started there when I was 17 and I adored my time there.

    "I look back on it as one of the best experiences of my life in terms of growth. I'm so grateful for Neighbours."

    We've heard that it was your choice for Kate to be killed off – is that right?

    "Yeah, at the time I really just wanted to shut that door and close the Neighbours chapter. I'm still so glad that I did. Kate was an incredible character. They wrote her so well and they gave her such wonderful and very rich storylines, for pretty much the duration of my time on the show.

    "I thought that Kate's dramatic exit was the cherry on top for the amazing storylines that I'd had over the years."

    Are you still in touch with anyone from that time?

    "Yeah, I'm still friends with a lot of people. Valentina Novakovic [who played Tash Williams] is one of my closest and dearest friends, and the same with Margot Robbie. They're two of my best friends still, so the show gave me a lot more than positive work prospects – it also gave me two fantastic friends."

    On Home and Away, you'll also be running into Orpheus Pledger, who you worked with before when he played Noah Parkin on Neighbours...

    "I haven't seen him yet actually, but I did hear that he's around! It'll be very interesting to say hi to him and see how he's been going for the past few years."

    After Neighbours, you did a four-year stint on US soap The Bold and the Beautiful. How do you look back on that?

    "The same way as Neighbours – I'm very grateful for these shows. They bring you in, they look after you and you learn very fast. I learned a lot about the US market by working on that show. I was able to find my feet in LA with an incredible supportive job, which is so rare. So I'm very thankful for that show also."

    How do US soaps compare with Aussie ones?

    "They're extremely different. They work so fast and the majority of the time they're strictly shot in the studio. The shooting schedule moves very fast and the bulk of work is extremely high. Working in studio allows you to move at a very fast pace and they've definitely mastered how to get the best out of every day."

    You're sporting a new look at the moment – was that your choice, or for this new role?

    "I did it for myself. I just decided after Bold to go blonde and give it a shot, because it's something I've always wanted to do. I've always been under contract, so as soon as I wasn't, I just made the change and I'm happy with it."

    What are your plans for the future after this stint in Home and Away?

    "My home and my life is in LA, so I'm definitely going back there. I've never spent time in Sydney before, so at the moment I'm really enjoying getting to know New South Wales. I'm living in Bondi, which is really cool. It's a 'bucket list' thing for me, so I'm really glad that I can come here and work on top of it.

    "But in terms of the future, it's definitely to get back to LA. My house is there, my boyfriend is there, my dog is there, my whole life is there.

    "In terms of long-term acting work, I've always just made a promise to myself that I'll continue to work as an actress for as long as possible. So far, so good and hopefully I can keep carrying on."

    After a few years in LA, do you feel as though you've built up a good network of contacts over there which will serve you well in the future?

    "Absolutely. Living in the US gives you that chance to connect with people and understand that relationships are so important. I have a secure, solid and trustworthy web over there, so I'm really excited to get back over there to see what happens."

    Digital Spy

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    The Daily Telegraph article:

    Former Bold and Beautiful star Ashleigh Brewer is back home after landed Home and Away role

    CALL it a bold move. Aussie actor Ashleigh Brewer has quit one of the world’s most-watched soaps to return home to Summer Bay.

    While actors such as Chris Hemsworth and Isla Fisher leveraged their Down Under soap opera star profiles to launch their Hollywood careers, Brewer is doing the opposite. She left her role as Ivy Forrester in The Bold And The Beautiful in January and has landed a job on Home And Away.

    Acknowledging Australia as “easily the best training ground in the world”, Brewer, 27, told The Sunday Telegraph: “There is some real credit to the quality of show that we do here. It was a personal choice to get back and refresh here for a minute.”

    She has signed an initial six-month contract with Home And Away, with her role being a tightly kept secret until she appears on our screens in a couple of months.

    But fans should be sure to catch Brewer while they can.

    She said: “I am very fortunate that I can refresh in Summer Bay, and then the plan is to get back there and hit the ground running. My long-term goal is to work always in this industry.

    “I’ve definitely set-up a life in Los Angeles and I am very happy there but I will fly wherever the work is.”

    As for her Home And Away role as a cop named Chelsea, Brewer wasn’t giving anything away.

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    Will she follow Charlie and Kat falling for a bad river boy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tammyy2j View Post
    Will she follow Charlie and Kat falling for a bad river boy?
    yes cop colby former river boy

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    Her first scenes are expected to air in Aust in August & BTTB have now posted the following:

    “BTTB can exclusively reveal that her character’s name is Chelsea Campbell and she is the ex-girlfriend of fellow police officer, Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin)”

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    For Ashleigh Brewer fans, pictures of her filming at Palm Beach earlier this week:

    Red hot! Summer Bay's newest blonde bombshell Ashleigh Brewer hits the beach in a crimson bikini while filming Home And Away

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    Thanked: 3979 article (from TV WEEK):

    Home and Away: Ashleigh Brewer arrives in Summer Bay
    The actress opens up about coming home to Australia, her friendship with Margot Robbie and her exciting new role!

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    Digital Spy article (Ashleigh/Chelsea made her debut in Aust episodes last week):

    Soap spoilers: Home and Away debut for Neighbours star Ashleigh Brewer, while Willow Harris makes a huge confession
    Newcomer Chelsea Campbell is about to make her first appearance.

    Former Neighbours star Ashleigh Brewer makes her first appearance on Home and Away next week.

    The actress, who played Erinsborough's Kate Ramsay between 2009 and 2014, has been cast in the role of Summer Bay newcomer Chelsea Campbell.

    Chelsea is a senior police constable and an ex-girlfriend of fellow cop Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin). She turns up after being transferred to the Bay, much to the surprise of Colby.

    The newcomer's first scenes see her attract the attention of bad boy Dean Thompson. However, Dean is left disappointed when she mischievously plays along with his flirting before firmly knocking him back.

    Later on, Colby is surprised to see Chelsea at the station in full police uniform and there's an immediate tension between them. Will they be able to stay professional as they work together?

    Speaking to Digital Spy in March, Ashleigh commented: "The character in particular is great and the storyline is fantastic. I'm very excited to dive into a show that is so long-standing and one that I know very well.

    "I would say [Chelsea] is an extremely nice person with a strong head on her shoulders, but she'll be causing a little bit of trouble through circumstances out of her control."

    Home and Away airs these scenes on Friday, October 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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    Digital Spy article:

    Soap spoilers: Home and Away reunion hopes for Colby and Chelsea, while Dean spirals out of control
    Is a workplace romance on the horizon?

    Home and Away delves deeper into Colby Thorne and Chelsea Campbell's backstory next week, as they talk honestly about their past and their future.

    Former Neighbours star Ashleigh Brewer has signed up for a six-month stint as Chelsea, an old flame of Colby's who wants him back.

    Next week, Chelsea tries her best to rekindle her connection with Colby (Tim Franklin) at the police station but is left disappointed when he firmly rejects her interest.

    This tension doesn't go unnoticed by their boss Sergeant McCarthy, who isn't happy that their past relationship wasn't disclosed much earlier.

    Wanting to ensure that this won't be an issue in the future, McCarthy orders Colby to show Chelsea the ropes, allowing him to keep a close eye on how well they work together.

    Things get off to a bad start when Chelsea tries to fine John Palmer for a minor parking offence and Colby reacts badly. He claims that she never sees the grey areas, in her police work and when they were a couple too.

    As they finally take the time to talk everything through, Chelsea explains her reasons for coming to Summer Bay – insisting that she had no other choice as Colby has totally blanked her ever since they broke up.

    Colby is also surprised when Chelsea tells him how difficult it's been to cope with losing him.

    For a moment it looks as though the pair might kiss, before Colby pulls away. But is it only a matter of time before Colby and Chelsea reunite?

    Home and Away airs these scenes on Tuesday, October 16 and Wednesday, October 17 at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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    DigitalSpy article (UK Pace):

    Home and Away's Chelsea Campbell to struggle after a bombshell from Colby Thorne
    Their relationship comes under threat next month.

    Home and Away's Chelsea Campbell will hear a shocking confession from her love interest Colby Thorne next month.

    Former Neighbours star Ashleigh Brewer recently joined the cast of the Summer Bay soap in the role of Colby's ex-girlfriend Chelsea, who still has a soft spot for him.

    Although the former couple are currently still apart on UK screens, Channel 5 viewers will see them get back together in upcoming episodes.

    After weeks of unresolved romantic chemistry and near-reunions, the pair finally decide to make a go of things – but one major sticking point is how Chelsea will deal with Colby's troublesome friends.

    While Colby has often ignored the police rules to protect his mates Dean Thompson and Willow Roberts, it's a very different story for Chelsea, who only ever seems to see things in black and white when it comes to her job.

    This makes it unlikely that Chelsea will ever fully approve of Dean and Willow, who regularly get up to no good in Summer Bay.

    Scenes airing in Australia today (October 15) also saw Colby 'fess up to Chelsea about his own dodgy past and the reason for his repeated loyalty to Dean.

    Chelsea is left stunned as Colby explains how Dean once went to prison for a crime that he was involved in, sacrificing himself and taking the rap.

    While Home and Away fans are already aware of this backstory, the big question is how Chelsea will be able to deal with it. Can she stay with Colby knowing how he's behaved in the past? And will she keep quiet about the cop's murky history?

    Home and Away's UK fans will see these scenes on Channel 5 in early November.

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