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Thread: Home and Away (Aus) Spoilers 16th - 19th April 2018

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    Home and Away (Aus) Spoilers 16th - 19th April 2018

    Monday 16 April

    Justin’s deepest fears become reality as the search for Ava intensifies. Ash grows frustrated as the mystery about what happened at Robbo’s trial thickens. Colby grows closer to Jasmine.

    Tuesday 17 April

    Robbo’s memories finally return. The Morgans learn Ava has been kidnapped. Colby’s mysterious past gets in the way of his relationship with Jasmine. The community rallies to support Maggie.

    Wednesday 18 April

    Justin’s risky plan fractures his family. Alf suspects Roo is hiding something. Will Ziggy’s sacrifice be enough to save Maggie?

    Thursday 19 April (triple episode)

    Justin’s meeting with Ava’s kidnapper is thwarted by the police. Irene and Marilyn help revive Maggie’s spirits after chemo. Colby’s career hangs in the balance. Olivia lets go of Hunter.


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    Not sure if this is true or not, but a staffer (ie NOT just a random fan) at BTTB has posted the following "Rumour: Ashleigh Brewer (ex-Kate, Neighbours; ex-Ivy, The Bold and the Beautiful) is headed to Summer Bay...". After this was posted, a couple of people have said they have heard that she will be part of Colby's "mysterious past" mentioned in these latest spoilers, & that she had actually been seen filming with the character Colby. I think I possibly remember seeing a photo of Ashleigh attending an event (car or horse races??) a little while back, so I think she has been back in Australia recently? So, maybe she filmed a guest appearance while she was here??

    Once again, as I said, I am not sure whether this is true or just (another) rumour. We will have to wait & see. I imagine some people will have a field day with this, given Ashleigh recently announced she has quit The Bold & The Beautiful.
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    There has been online speculation on this for a few days now, I believe it is meant to be a short stint only but like Pantherboy says, have to wait and see if it becomes true.

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    She is rumoured to be the new cop's sister ....

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    Here it shows Ashleigh with Colby on Home and Away, and she's playing a cop as well according to a another post I saw.

    Another link about her role in Home and Away
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    more morgan drama

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    TV Week has these H&A plot teasers:

    Who's Shot?

    The Search For Ava Leads To A Deadly Confrontation.

    Justin & Colby put their lives on the line this week when they set a dangerous trap to catch Ava's abductors. But the situation quickly escalates when someone is shot!

    Which fan favourite is in the firing line? And will they survive?

    In an explosive week of Home and Away, the mission to find Justin's (James Stewart) daughter, Ava (Grace Thomas), will reach a climactic end when he comes face-to-face with the crazed kidnapper.

    But what happens next will have a huge effect on everyone in Summer Bay.

    Held For Ransom

    The non-stop action begins when teenager Raffy (Olivia Deeble) returns home to find a ransom note on the doorstep. Ava's captors are demanding $25,000 in exchange for her safety.

    At the same time, Ava is being held hostage in a bush shack. Will she be OK?

    Fans will recall the youngster's backpack was found at a local bus stop in recent episodes. Justin searched high and low for his daughter, but to no avail.

    Despite a reassurance from his girlfriend Willow (Sarah Roberts), Justin feared the worst - and he was right.

    Later that day, Colby (Tim Franklin) visits the Morgan family. The siblings tell him of the ransom note, and the policeman springs into action. He details a plan to bring Ava home. It's risky, but they're running out of time.

    "Justin is a broken man, just trying to keep himself together for his daughter's sake," Tim, 27, tells TV WEEK. "His head is living in the land of what-ifs, which Colby understands all too well.

    "The plan is dangerous, but he'll do it by any means necessary."

    Just hesitantly agrees to the idea and willow offers to be the bait. The trap has been set - but will it actually work?

    Set In Motion

    In the bushland, Willow prepares to make the exchange. Colby and his men hide among the shrubs, while Justin waits in an unmarked police car.

    However, Dean (Patrick O'Connor) unexpectedly arrives on the scene to help find Ava - or perhaps to impress his ex, Willow.

    "Dean is there for his old mates," Tim says. "He would never sit on the sidelines when the ones he loves are in danger."

    Justin panics. Any sudden move will alert the kidnappers to their scheme. He can only watch in silent horror as the River Boy unknowingly walks into the trap they've set.

    Shot To The Heart.

    Thankfully, a car pulls up and Dean is forced into hiding.

    To everyone's surprise, a familiar face steps out of the car with Ava in tow. The young girl runs to Willow's side. Who was it who took her?

    "The kidnapper has an old grudge to settle," Tim teases. "Someone may not make it out alive."

    In her shock, Willow drops the briefcase and signals Colby for help. The policeman prepares to move in, but Dean gets there first!

    Chaos ensues as the River Boy crash-tackles the criminal to the ground. As the pair wrestle, the kidnapper strikes Dean across the face and sprints to a vehicle.

    It looks as though the criminal is about to escape, until the car begins hurtling towards Dean.

    In a matter of frenzied seconds, Colby pulls out his gun as Willow runs forward to help Dean, and Justin scrambles to to get Ava out of harm's way.

    "Colby is put in a situation where the ones he loves are in great danger," Tim explains. "There's only one choice he can make."

    Suddenly, a gunshot rings out, and someone screams. Who's been shot?

    Born Identity.

    Robbo Unlocks The Truth About His Past.

    The answers Robbo has been searching for will finally come to light this week in Home and Away when he is reunited with a blast from his past.

    When Robbo (Jake Ryan) is hauled away from the courthouse by a swarm of federal agents, the ex-criminal fears he's headed back to jail. Instead, he's forced into a van and driven to an undisclosed location. Has someone come for revenge?

    Robbo then arrives at an abandoned warehouse. Fearing for his life, he demands to know who he's dealing with. He's eventually greeted by a man named Lance Salisbury (Angus McLaren), a federal officer affiliated with Robbo's case.

    "Robbo is confused," Angus, 29, tells TV WEEK. And with the shady world he lives in, he fears he may never see daylight again. The stakes are really high."

    Meanwhile, Tori (Penny McNamee) and his lawyer, Kurt (Tiriel Mora), demand answers from the court secretary as to Robbo's whereabouts.

    Back at the warehouse, Lance attempts to smooth things over as an agitated Robbo yells for his release.

    The officer remains calm and explains they used to be best friends. In fact, he reveals that Robbo isn't the criminal he believes he is - his name isn't even Beckett Reid. Robbo is stunned.

    "Lance is intricately tied in with Robbo's circumstances, and the mystery slowly gets unpacked," Angus says. "He used to know Robbo well and wants him to see justice."

    Carefully, Lance shows Robbo images from his past. The officer delves into his family history, including the night they dies. As though a light bulb has been switched on, Robbo's memory comes flooding back. He remembers everything!

    So who is he?

    [Trivia time: Angus McLaren co-starred with James Stewart (Justin) in Packed To The Rafters]

    Mixed Signals.

    Jasmine And Colby's Romance Hits A Snag.

    Love is in the air for Colby and Jasmine this week when they spend the night together.

    At Colby's apartment the next day, Jasmine (Sam Frost) is happier than she's been in a long time.

    But the nurse is shocked when Colby insists it can never happen again. He tells her he joined the police force for a specific reason and may need to leave the Bay at short notice.

    It looks like Colby has more secrets to spill!

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