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Thread: Caualty Spoiler Casualty 17th March

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    Arrow Caualty Spoiler Casualty 17th March

    Rashes confidence is put to the test when he has to treat a prisoner

    Alicia apologises to Ethan about the blog

    Bea competes against smarmy F1 Eddie for a place on a coveted course
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    Exclamation Casualty Spoilers 17th March 2018

    Rash's new confidence is put to the test
    Will he end up back at square one?

    Iain and Sam bring in prisoner Jack, who has a knife in his leg, and an unconscious prison guard called Tony. At the same time, Rash is keen to build on his triumph in resus and wants more trauma cases, but has doubts when Alicia mentions there is one coming from a prison.

    Rash starts treating Jack, but Jack knees him in the face when Rash disbelieves him. As Rash remains closely involved in the case throughout the day, will his new-found confidence be knocked?

    Rash Masum and Bea Kinsella in Casualty

    Meanwhile, Bea goes up against confident F1 Eddie for a coveted training course.

    Elsewhere, Alicia tries to apologise to Ethan again for the blog, but he's not interested. Later, he chastises her for not informing him about swapping Dylan and Rash between patients. In response to Charlie's concerns, Ethan snaps at him. Charlie gives both barrels back he should not let the whole department suffer because of his annoyance at Alicia.

    Later, Charlie confronts Alicia about the blog. Alicia admits she felt lonely and angry and it was the only way she could deal with it. Alicia learns from Charlie that the difficulties that the ED faces will have been felt most by Ethan.

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