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Thread: Hollyoaks Spoilers 19th - 23rd March 2018

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    Exclamation Hollyoaks Spoilers 19th - 23rd March 2018

    Meanwhile, Hollyoaks may have finally revealed what brings Ryan Knight back to the village.

    Ryan has been absent for several weeks after locking Kim Butterfield up at Hollyoaks High when she discovered his killer secret.

    Later this month, Ryan's stepdaughter Leah Barnes (Elà-May Demircan) starts to play up in his absence – much to the concern of her dad Ste.

    When Leah refuses to go to school and Ste (Kieron Richardson) tries to discipline her, she retaliates by threatening to tell everyone about his affair with Ryan unless he gets off her back.

    Leah Barnes and Ste Hay in Hollyoaks

    Unhappy with Leah's rebellion, Ste calls DS Thorpe and asks for his help getting her back in line.

    When Thorpe calls Leah down to the police station to scare her off from ever playing truant again, his stern words inadvertently give her an idea about how to get Ryan back.

    Prepared to stoop low for what she thinks is the greater good, Leah pretends to be very sick and that she needs to go to hospital – hoping that word of her "illness" will bring Ryan back.

    Last month, Duncan James – who plays Ryan – confirmed that his dangerous character would be back before too long.

    Leah Barnes on Ste Hay's phone in Hollyoaks

    Speaking at the time, Duncan explained: "When Ryan left, he was panicked, scared, frightened and sad. He thought Tegan was going to wake up and he would be exposed, but he was also dealing with his own horror at what he had done to Tegan and Kim.

    "The walls are closing in and he left Hollyoaks lonely and a shadow of his former self. But something happens when he is away that means he has no choice but to find a way to return to the village."

    Was Duncan talking about Leah's scheming?

    Hollyoaks airs these scenes on Thursday, March 22 and Friday, March 23 at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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    Luke, Mandy, Ollie and Ella are packing for Florida, where Luke and Mandy will get married. Darren asks her not to marry Luke, but Mandy tells him that too many people would get hurt if they were to be together.

    After Darren has left, Mandy finds an empty vodka bottle hidden down the sofa. Will Luke's drinking jeopardise the wedding? Or could Darren be the one to stop it when he arrives in The Dog car park as the taxi arrives and they prepare to leave for Florida?

    Meanwhile, Darcy is moving out of the Osbornes' when Jack discovers his voicemail from Frankie has been deleted from his phone. Later, Darcy asks Jack to give their relationship another go.

    Elsewhere, Cindy asks Dirk to keep her secret about stealing Tom's money. She also prepares to open her new food truck, "Cindy's Hatch", which is parked directly outside Tony's new restaurant.

    Also today, a suspicious Tony is trying to track down the newspaper article Finn bought him, that Milo has since burnt. Tony mooches around Milo's room, but Milo catches him.

    Finally, Scott and Damon are going through a box of Maggie's belongings when they find her engagement ring. Brody arrives with a letter detailing Maggie's inheritance for the boys – Scott, Damon and Brody all have £20,000 each. Damon and Brody talk about plans to open a bar in New York, but Scott makes a suggestion that he could put Maggie's money and engagement ring to better use, like a wedding.


    Tony is still convinced Milo is up to something and tells Tom he is waiting for the article from The Chester Herald.

    Milo later calls Tony pretending to be from The Herald, telling him the article is no longer on file. Dirk gives Tony the idea to try the library instead, but Milo hears him.

    Meanwhile, it's the day of the opening of Cindy's Hatch. She asks Dirk to help and he's desperate to win her back so will do anything she says.

    Sadly, Cindy doesn't have a menu, chef or any food for her food van. Milo poaches Tony's chef Ste and offers him double pay.

    Elsewhere, it's Maggie's funeral. Holly tells Zack that as soon as it's over, she is going to break up with Damon because of his plans to go to New York without her. At the same time, Buster is trying to convince Damon he should settle down with Holly. Damon decides he's going to propose to Holly and puts the ring in a sausage roll in preparation for Holly to find it.

    Also today, Nancy is trying to connect to the livestream of Mandy and Luke's wedding, but the wifi is playing up. Darren has unplugged it in an attempt to avoid having to watch it.


    Cindy is preparing to make her speech to the village.

    Tom takes to the microphone and starts to openly insult Cindy in front of the whole village. He tells everyone about her stealing his money.

    Meanwhile, Nancy and Darren have a huge argument about their relationship.

    Jack offers Darren his advice in an emotional heart-to-heart. He tells Darren he has too much to lose to not fight for his and Nancy's marriage.


    Leah is refusing to go to school. She tells Ste that unless he gets off her back, she's going to start telling everyone about him and Ryan.

    Ste calls DS Thorpe and asks for his help, so Thorpe tells Leah that she has to come to the police station for playing truant. Later, Thorpe has inadvertently given her an idea about how to get Ryan back.

    Meanwhile, Buster and Brody sit Damon down to offer him advice. Brody and Buster clash on their advice again, so Buster tells Brody to stay out of it when he is giving advice to his son.

    Elsewhere, Leela meets Louis in The Bean and gives him some cards, but she's unaware they are for his birthday. She decides to do something nice for him and arranges a birthday treasure hunt. DS Thorpe later turns up with some news about Peri.


    Leah pretends to be very sick and needs to go to hospital, hoping to see Ryan.

    Meanwhile, to distract herself, Leela offers to look after Lucas and Leah and help them collect memories for Amy's memorial.

    Elsewhere, Grace asks Adam to store a drugs delivery at the salon. DS Thorpe turns up for an emergency haircut just as the drugs are delivered. Will Adam and Grace get the drugs out before DS Thorpe sports them?

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    maggie left scott money too, that is nice

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