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Thread: Casualty Spoilers 24th February

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    Cool Casualty Spoilers 24th February


    Ethan is stunned when hospital administrators reveal the ED's budget is in a poor state, and as he struggle to balance the books, he begins to compromise care for his patients. Determined to do what is best for those in his care, he makes an unpopular decision. Meanwhile, Glen becomes uncomfortable with the idea that his daughter doesn't share his surname, and decides the best course of action is to propose to Robyn. However, his decidedly unromantic gesture has predictably bad results.
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    Ethan is flying high after kissing Alicia. Feeling rejuvenated, he is sure he can handle whatever the ED throws at him. But as the day wears on, his belief in himself wavers, especially after a dressing down from Connie, who despite being on the chemo ward, is still holding court.

    Things go from bad to worse when the hospital financial mangers appear with the news that the ED's budget is in dire straits. The news rocks Ethan and starts impacting on the decisions he makes as a doctor.

    Later, taking matters into his own hands, Ethan cancels his staff's leave. He thinks that by eliminating all budget worries, he can focus on what matters, the patients. The team are outraged but when Alicia comes offering her support and help again, Ethan turns his back on her too.

    Meanwhile, Glen is feeling miserable over the fact that his daughter doesn't have the same last name as him. He decides to propose to Robyn, but he's not expecting the backlash he receives when she sends him away from his half-hearted proposal.

    Furious with him for thinking he can waltz back in to their lives and expect them to take his name, Robyn tells Glen exactly what she thinks of that idea. Stunned, Glen does some soul searching and realises what he really wants. Will Robyn be won over?

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