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Thread: EastEnders Spoilers 19th - 23rd February 2018

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    Exclamation EastEnders Spoilers 19th - 23rd February 2018

    No Monday episode but Wednesday!


    Martin and Stacey decide to put their differences aside by taking the kids to see children's entertainer Magic Marv at the community centre. Sadly, tensions flare up again when Stacey invites Kush to join them, telling Martin that she'll be involving Arthur's dad more often now.

    Hurt by Stacey's behaviour, Martin storms off and finds himself in an argument with Magic Marv along the way. Later, Martin confides in Sonia by revealing that he wants a divorce.

    Meanwhile, Vincent discovers that the sale of The Albert has fallen through. He tries to find Kim's right to sell, but when he realises that it's gone, he blames Karen.

    Elsewhere, Tina rushes to the rescue of Georgi, an unwell pregnant customer. Later on, Tina is confused to spot Georgi in the Queen Vic, taking money from Shirley. When Georgi discovers that Tina is Zsa Zsa's mum, she shares some harsh words with her.

    Also today, Bernadette fears that Bronson has eaten a chess piece.


    Aidan warns Vincent that he must pay the money by tomorrow, leaving Vincent scrambling to sell The Albert. Soon afterwards, Kim confronts Vincent after discovering that they've missed a mortgage payment.

    Later on, Donna tries to talk to Vincent, assuming that his financial woes are just a tax issue. Donna offers some advice, but when the topic of Vincent's dad comes up, he makes a big decision writing a letter for Kim and heading off.

    Meanwhile, Stacey apologises to Martin and suggests coming to an agreement over the children. Although Martin is pleased, the timing couldn't be worse he's emailed the solicitor and an email has now been sent to Stacey about it. Martin tries his best to delete the email, but gets caught in the act and is left to explain himself to Stacey.

    Elsewhere, Tina feels hurt when she finds out that Zsa Zsa has asked Shirley to look after her friend Georgi instead of her. Unable to resist getting involved, Tina meets up with Georgi's mum, wanting to solve her issues at home. Georgi is livid when she finds out what Tina has done.

    Also today, Bernadette tries to get back the missing chess piece.


    Hour-long episode

    Vincent is about to flee from Albert Square, but he suddenly gets a call from the estate agent informing him that they now have a buyer who can pay by tomorrow.

    Vincent abandons his plans to leave and gets everything ready for the possible buyer, but will everything turn out the way he hopes? And how will Donna react when she finds out what Vincent has done?

    Meanwhile, Shirley desperately tries to stop Georgi from leaving after Tina's unwanted interference. Shirley also shares some harsh words with Tina over what she's done.

    Later on, Shirley discovers that the men's toilets at the Queen Vic are being used to deal drugs. Shirley and Tina also receive another unexpected shock.

    Shirley Carter catches a drug dealer at the Queen Vic in EastEnders

    Elsewhere, Karen and Keanu make some shocking accusations against Ted after uncovering his friendship with Bernadette. Bernadette and Ted are forced to play a game of chess in front of the pair to prove that their secret meetings have been innocent.

    Also today, a woman takes an interest in Martin on the market. The pair see each other again the next day and Stacey gets annoyed when she sees the newcomer kissing Martin on the cheek.

    Finally, Mick returns from Manchester and tries to put a stop to the suspicious activity at the Queen Vic, while Karen asks Keegan to remind her what it's like to be a teenager.

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    EastEnders has revealed a first look at mysterious newcomer Hayley back on Albert Square.

    Hayley (Katie Jarvis) made her first appearance in Walford earlier this month, spying on Martin Fowler and taking pictures of him before reporting back to an unknown contact over the phone.

    As these new pictures show, Hayley heads back to the Square next week and this time she decides to make herself known to Martin (James Bye).

    Martin is taken by surprise when Hayley starts to flirt with him, leading to speculation among the locals that he could be about to move on from his estranged wife Stacey for good.

    While viewers are already aware that Hayley's intentions aren't all they seem, it looks like Martin will be oblivious to her ulterior motive. Who is Hayley and what's her game?

    Hayley flirts with Martin Fowler in EastEnders

    EastEnders airs these scenes in an hour-long episode on Thursday, February 23 at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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    no show tonight on it's 33 birthday

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