Ethan faces more pressure due to the blogger
Is he any closer to to solving the mystery?

The anonymous Rage in Resus blog author continues undermining Ethan's attempts to run the stretched ED efficiently. When the hospital in the blog is identified as Holby, Ethan decides to create a CDU and do a deal with Jac Naylor to take some of her patients, in exchange for chairs and the promise that she will do some of his tests.

Ethan comes under pressure when Jac fails to take the HDU patients, claiming she was only ever looking into it. Ethan tells her that the deal is off, but is wrong footed by Jac reminding him the board won't like it and it is up to him to find the blogger.

Deflated, Ethan later confides in Alicia that the blog is starting to take a toll on him. He doesn't understand who would want to criticise everything he has tried to do. Alicia lies when asked who she thinks might be writing it.

Meanwhile, it's Gemma's first day as a porter.

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