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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 19th - 23rd February 2018

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    Neighbours Spoilers 19th - 23rd February 2018

    Monday 19th Feb

    Secrets emerge and all hell breaks loose between the friends at the camp, after Steph overhears Jack and Paige talking about their night of passion. Paige begs her not to say anything to Mark, but the damage is done.

    Unaware of what has been going on, Mark is planning to ask Paige to marry him.

    Tuesday 20th Feb

    Susan remains suspicious about the real reason for Izzy's return and enlists Dipi's help in her search for answers.

    Mark is urged to patch things up with Paige.

    An angry Steph is in no mood to accept Jack's attempts to apologise, and courts trouble by vandalising his room at Backpackers.

    Wednesday 21st Feb

    Susan discovers that Izzy is thinking about staying in Erinsborough permanently.

    Ben gets a surprise present of his father's old car from his grandparents. Steph helps him to fix it up, after her visa to visit Fiji is revoked for vandalising Jack's room.

    Rafael learns that David is Paul's son and storms out of their date, leaving David perplexed.

    Thursday 22nd Feb

    Mishti catches Rafael trying to break into the yard and forces him to reveal the reason for his presence in town.

    A surprise workplace inspection by health and safety officials goes badly for Paul and Amy.

    Sheila's date with Clive gets off to a bad start, but things soon get back on track.

    Amy finds herself the subject of some unwanted attention.

    Friday 23rd Feb

    Rafael tells Mishti why he has a grudge against Paul and what he hopes to achieve. It's a tragic and shocking story, but Mishti is unable to help him.

    Amy has an erotic dream about Jayden, but will she agree to go on a date with him?

    And coming soon…

    Susan is horrified to discover why Izzy has returned.

    Jack catches Paige on the rebound after Mark takes a firm decision.

    Yashvi searches for a purpose in life – with some possible success.

    Terese embarrasses herself on Gabe's naming day.

    Rafael pursues his agenda and finds what he is looking for.

    Digital Spy

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    TV Week has this Neighbours plot teaser:

    Scorned Lover.

    Steph Goes On The Warpath When She Realises Jack Has Feelings For Paige.

    Former lovers Jack and Paige are hiding a sexy secret from their partners. And the simmering chemistry between the pair is set to ignite in Neighbours this week.

    When Steph (Carla Bonner) discovers her boyfriend, Jack (Andrew Morley), is still keen on his ex-girlfriend Paige (Olympia Valance), she flies into a rage.

    "Steph felt she could trust Jack and her feelings for him," Carla, 44, tells TV WEEK. "She really saw a future for them. His betrayal cuts deep."

    The drama starts to unfolds during a camping trip. What ought to be a fun, relaxing getaway becomes a nightmare for Paige and her boyfriend, Mark (Scott McGregor), when Jack and Steph shows up unexpectedly.

    It seems both couples won the "glamping" package in a fundraising raffle. But neither Mark nor Steph will listen to their partners' pleas to turn around and go home.

    Mark, in particular, is very intent on staying, because he is planning to propose to Paige!

    Unaware of the passion brewing between Paige and the father of her child, a nervous Mark gets down on one knee. But the timing couldn't be worse for Paige, who is riddled with guilt and confusion over her love for both Mark and Jack.

    How will she respond to the big question?

    While Mark remains oblivious, Steph soon picks up on the sexual tension between Jack and Paige.

    "There's definitely something that is bubbling to the surface that they've both been hiding," Andrew, 28, says.

    For Steph, who only recently realized she's in love with Jack, the revelation is humiliating.

    "Steph is heartbroken," Carla says. "She's convinced Jack and Paige have been together secretly for a while and wants to find some evidence."

    Steph decides to snoop around in Jack's room at the Backpackers Hostel. There, she finds a framed photo of Jack with Paige and their baby son, Gabe.

    The happy snap is too much for Steph to bear. Overcome with fury, she starts trashing the room.

    Later, Leo (Tim Kano) finds the destruction and reports it to policewoman Mishti (Scarlet Vas).

    Uh-oh! Looks like Steph is in serious trouble.

    EDIT: This is the DigitalSpy article on this story:
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    How good was Amy's "nightmare" Scrub harder

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