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Thread: Home and Away (Aust) Spoilers 12th - 15th February 2018

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    Home and Away (Aust) Spoilers 12th - 15th February 2018

    Monday 12th Feb

    As Ash and the River Boys search for him, Robbo gets total recall. Olivia struggles to accept the reality of her new life - as Hunter moves on. Alf’s recovery may not go as smoothly as hoped.

    Tuesday 13th Feb

    Will Robbo finally get caught? Hunter and Jennifer start a surprise romance. Dean confronts Colby about their shared past.

    Wednesday 14th Feb

    Ash pushes everyone away. Roo readies herself to hear the truth. Colby’s secret is revealed.

    Thursday 15th Feb

    Leah and Colby help Jasmine with her stalker. Justin falls out with his brothers over the Robbo situation. Roo wrestles with Alf’s revelation about her mother.


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    TV Week has the following H&A plot teasers:

    Eye For An Eye

    The wait is finally over, Home and Away fans. In an explosive week, Ash will come face-to-face with Robbo in a heart-stopping showdown.

    The action-packed events begin when Robbo (Jake Ryan) emerges from his hideout. He has remembered another piece of information about his past.

    But his timing couldn't be worse. Ash (George Mason) and the River Boys are now hot on his tail.

    The wanted criminal tried to leave the Bay altogether with the help of Justin (James Stewart).

    But Ash spotted Robbo as the duo drove out of town. Forced to abandon their plan, Justin dropped off the crim and fled.

    Unfortunately, Ash thought Robbo was still in the car and ran his best friend off the road.

    Thankfully, Justin is OK. But Ash is growing closer to locating his enemy.

    "Ash was excited to have a family - it's everything to him," George, 27, tells TV WEEK. "And it [his grief following the fatal car crash] will tip him over the edge. He wants payback."

    At the Morgans, Robbo tells Tori (Penny McNamee) about his past. He says he had a wife and two children, but they're no longer alive. With nothing left. Robbo decides to turn himself in.

    "He has a flash of a memory," Jake, 34, reveals. "But every bit of information brings him pain. He has nothing left to live for and blames himself for everything. So he considers turning himself in."

    Outside the Surf Club, Ash and River Boy leader Dean (Patrick O'Connor) spot Robbo. The pair give chase.

    Robbo desperately sprints towards the headland. John (Shane Withington), who is watching nearby, quickly calls the police. But could his efforts be too late?

    The pursuit leads to a cliff, where Dean and his gang hold off police officer Colby (Tim Franklin) and his team.

    Alone on the dangerous cliff top, Robbo and Ash meet.

    "Robbo surrenders more to the situation and having nothing left to live for, rather than Ash," Jake says.

    "In that moment, the two men put it all on the table and get everything out. You see two very broken people."

    Poised to take his revenge, will Ash make a life-changing mistake?

    Alf's Big Secret.

    What Really Happened 30 Years Ago?

    For more than 30 years, Summer Bay favourite Alf kept a secret from his daughter. Now, the incredible truth threatens to tear apart his family.

    This week in Home and Away Alf (Ray Meagher) is recovering in hospital after being trapped in a sinkhole and suffering a near-fatal heart attack.

    One by one, the locals visit to wish Alf well. But the one who matters most, Roo (Georgie Parker), is absent.

    She's still reeling from the revelation her mother is alive. "Roo questions why her father kept it a secret for so long," Georgie,53, explains. "Or why he's telling her now."

    Fans will recall the truth came out when Alf & Roo were trapped in the sinkhole.

    Believing he was taking his last breath, Alf told Roo her mother, Martha, didn't drown all those years ago - and she's out there somewhere.

    Now, Alf must face the consequences of his secret.

    "This is a really good yarn," Ray, 73, tells TV WEEK of his latest storyline.

    At the hospital, Alf admits to John and Marilyn he's worried he's lost Roo's trust.

    They insist she just needs time and will come around. But he recalls the dismay on Roo's face after he revealed the truth.

    Later, local doc Tori checks on Alf. She's concerned that any stress will delay his recovery, or worse, bring on a second heart attack.

    Can Alf mend his fractured family before it's too late?

    Meanwhile, Marilyn and Irene insist Roo finds out the whole truth. But Roo is too angry to face Alf.

    "It's a difficult time for her," Georgie says. "She feels hurt."

    Instead, Roo visits the police station and asks Colby to look into her mother's whereabouts.

    The new cop agrees. But he insists it may take some time.

    Will Roo find her mother?

    Flirty Friends

    Are Hunter And Jennifer More Than Mates?

    Love, or lust, is on the horizon for Hunter this week when he and Jennifer lock lips. Meanwhile, Olivia decides to fight for her man, but will it end well?

    Ever since Olivia admitted to spending the night with Axel, Hunter has wallowed in self-pity.

    It seems as though no-one can get through to him, not even his mate Mason.

    Wanting to help her friend through the tough time, Jennifer invites Hunter to lunch at The Diner.

    There, by chance, Olivia spots them happily chatting together.

    After their casual lunch, things take a different turn when Hunter and Jenifer enjoy a swim and end up in a steamy embrace.

    The next day, Jennifer asks Hunter if he'd like to go on a date.

    Watch out, Olivia! It looks like Jennifer is making her move.

    History Lesson.

    Colby's Past Is Revealed.

    There's more to policeman Colby than a mean right hook. In Home and Away this week, an intriguing encounter between the newcomer and bad-boy Dean will leave fansd questioning just how they know each other.

    At the gym, The River Boys leader approaches Colby (Tim Franklin), who he recognized during Ash and Robbo's showdown on the cliff.

    The policeman has stern words with him for getting involved, but Dean (Patrick O'Connor) insists it was because he loathes authority.

    "They've got history," Tim,27, says. "One wants things resolved, the other hopes to move on. They have a cat-and-mouse dynamic."

    As the policeman walks away, he tells Dean he's not the same person he used to be.

    How are Colby and Dean connected?

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