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    Neighbours 2018

    We already know that Izzy Hoyland is coming back to Neighbours for this upcoming hour-long special, and we already know that Stu is coming back to Neighbours for this upcoming hour-long special.

    And now we've found out that three more characters are coming back to Neighbours for this upcoming hour-long special.

    Now to Love reports that Sindi (Marisa Warrington), Lance (Andrew Bibby) and Stonefish (Anthony Engelman) will be popping up for Toadie Rebecchi's '90s-themed birthday party – his long, long belated 21st.

    Sindi Watts returns to Neighbours
    © CHANNEL 5

    Sindi departed the soap in 2005 but made a fleeting visit last year. Stonefish (aka Kevin) has made various guest appearances since he left full-time in 2007, with his most recent being in 2016.

    Meanwhile, Lance hasn't appeared on the soap since the 20th anniversary special in 2005.

    The big focus of the episode will be the return of iconic baddie Izzy, who will no doubt cause problems for Karl and Susan Kennedy.

    Actress Natalie Bassingthwaighte hasn't given too much away about what her character will get up to, but cheekily revealed that she does have a bedroom scene.

    An exact UK air date for the hour-long special (which will set up future storylines on the soap) has yet to be announced, but we expect it will be shown on the week commencing Monday, February 13.

    Digital Spy

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    sindi who knew dee was fake is back again for toad's birthday ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizann View Post
    sindi who knew dee was fake is back again for toad's birthday ????
    Yep, ridiculous isn’t it.

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    No Callum return for the birthday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizann View Post
    sindi who knew dee was fake is back again for toad's birthday ????
    Yeah thought that as well. Helps defraud Toad of 100 grand then rocks up for his birthday party

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    For any Leeds Rhinos, rugby league fans:

    Leeds Rhinos find good Neighbours on their travels in Australia

    Rhinos are in Australia for World Club challenge.

    The stars of the Leeds Rhinos are more used to the Woolpack of Emmerdale than the Waterhole of Erinsborough, but that hasn’t stopped them treading the boards of Ramsay Street.

    The Rhinos are in Australia for their World Cup Challenge appointment with the Melbourne Storm on Saturday and, during some down time, three of their Grand Final winners managed to bag themselves some extras work on the popular soap Neighbours.

    Captain Kallum Watkins, winger Ryan Hall and forward Stevie Ward headed to the studios to see how the long-running show is put together and ended up starring in a scene themselves, with Ward getting a speaking part.

    “We enjoyed it,” Ward said of his moment in the spotlight, which came at the bar with fictional entrepreneur Paul Robinson, played by Stefan Dennis.

    “We got some acting done, we got some extras work done and even got a few lines, it was brilliant. We loved it and we appreciate them inviting us on and Leeds Rhinos being involved in Neighbours for the first ever time.”

    The show will air later this year, but it is Ward who fans will see speaking, with Hall claiming he stole the line from him.

    “There was a bit of debate and uproar about who got the line. I shot-gunned it but Stevie was crying that he didn’t get it. I felt sorry for him.”

    “When I grew up I wanted to be an actor,” Ward said.

    Whether he’ll be welcome back at the Woolpack in his native Yorkshire now remains to be seen.

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    Digital Spy article with spoilers & teasers for upcoming storylines:

    16 HUGE new Neighbours spoilers and teasers from the show's boss Jason Herbison
    Including Dee, Tyler, 'Daaron' and more.

    It may air in the daytime, but there's no denying that Neighbours has been one of the most talked-about soaps this year. From the 'Dee or Andrea?' saga at the psychiatric hospital, to mystery man Cassius and the return of old favourites like Plain Jane Superbrain, there's been plenty to grab our attention.

    With more dramatic storylines ahead over the rest of the year, Digital Spy recently caught up with Neighbours' executive producer Jason Herbison for some exclusive teasers on what's coming up.

    1. The Dee story is far from over

    When Toadie and Sonya recently vowed to cut all contact with the mysterious woman in the psychiatric hospital, another chapter of the Dee Bliss storyline came to an end. But if you were starting to lose faith that the whole saga would ever be resolved, we can confirm there's an endgame planned.

    Jason told us: "I've always talked about it as a three-act story, but I'm now going to have to revise it to four acts as we're currently filming a new twist. This angle wasn't mapped at the start, but it's great territory to mine.

    "I love watching Madeleine West on set, her performance is utterly riveting. The timeline for telling all the chapters has been very spread out and I appreciate that requires viewer patience, but there is an endgame and we're all excited to tell it."

    2. The unresolved mysteries were always going to be tied up

    Neighbours has left us hanging with several loose ends over the past 12 months, from Piper Willis's mystery saviour to the miraculous return of baby Gabe. We've recently seen these unresolved mysteries begin to be cleared up as part of the Cassius storyline, but we needn't have worried as it was always the plan to put us in the picture eventually.

    "Everything was planned from the beginning and there is a resolution in sight," Jason told us. "We do major forward planning four times a year and often plan a mix of long-term and shorter term arcs. This has been the case for a number of years now, though it may be more noticeable in the case of a clue-puzzle type story.

    "To give you an example, going back in time, the Brad/Lauren/Terese storyline probably had a five year plan. Some major elements changed along the way and we always need to be flexible, but we do think of some character arcs that far ahead."

    3. Some familiar faces will be returning

    Neighbours has given us some more blasts from the past this year, with Jane Harris, Izzy Hoyland, Stuart Parker, Angie Rebecchi, Stonefish Rebecchi, Hilary Robinson, Lance Wilkinson, Lauren Carpenter and Sindi Watts among those who've popped back for visits. And it seems that one of them could now be back sooner than expected.

    Jason confirmed: "One recent returnee will be back for a second, longer stint before the year is out.

    "We'll also see someone who hasn't been seen on the show for quite a while, which is a real treat." Hmm, who could it be?

    4. Liz Conway will be back too

    Home and Away legend Debra Lawrence recently had a short stint in Neighbours as troubled Liz Conway. Although Liz left in disgrace recently, it seems that she'll be back for another attempt to build bridges with her daughters Elly and Bea.

    "Debra Lawrence will be back as Liz," Jason revealed. "I love the complexity of her relationship with Susan and she truly is the mother from hell to Elly and Bea, so there's a lot more to explore there."

    5. The door isn't closed on Tyler

    Neighbours fans were devastated in March when Travis Burns bowed out as Tyler Brennan, especially because he didn't even get a goodbye scene with his soulmate Piper Willis. Fans have never really accepted this as Tyler's final farewell, but is there a secret masterplan in play?

    Keeping things vague, Jason teased: "It would be amazing to see Tyler return. For the time being he's serving some pretty serious jail time and refusing to let Piper visit him. But it would be a really interesting storyline and we do try to do interesting things. That's all I can say at this point!"

    6. The door isn't closed on Steph either

    Another Neighbours exit which divided the fanbase this year was Steph Scully's. The popular character waved goodbye in June after nearly three years back on screen, reuniting with her sons Charlie and Adam in heartwarming scenes.

    Responding to the fan reaction, Jason explained: "I love Steph and the door is definitely open for her to return. When we brought her back three years ago, we wanted to tell the story of someone who had been through tough times and wanted to get their life on track.

    "It was always Steph's objective to get on top of her health and finances so she could find a way to reunite with her boys. She was successful in doing that and it made sense for her to reunite with them. I am a huge fan of Carla Bonner and I certainly hope we see her again."

    7. Clive's backstory could be explored

    Colette Mann – aka Sheila Canning – is one of our favourite Neighbours stars and she's been on a very vocal mission this year to get her on-screen partner Geoff Paine (Clive Gibbons) promoted to a show regular. With this in mind, we had to ask – will the Neighbours gods ever grant Colette's wish?

    Jason laughed: "Is Colette a fan of Clive? I never would've guessed! We love Geoff Paine and we will definitely continue to see him pop in and out of the show. For the time being, we are happy with his semi-regular appearances and I believe it works well for Geoff too, as he has a busy life outside the show.

    "I would like to explore his children and ex-wife one day. I have a sneaking feeling that Sheila might not get along too well with her."

    8. David and Aaron's wedding will be worth the wait

    September sees Neighbours make history with the first gay wedding in an Australian drama since the country voted to legalise same-sex marriages. Although there's some last-minute drama ahead over the next fortnight, David and Aaron will tie the knot in a huge episode on September 3.

    Jason said: "It's a fantastic episode and the first same-sex wedding on Australian TV since marriage equality was legalised, so it was very meaningful to all of us on the production. We love 'Daaron' and it was an extra special treat to cast Magda Szubanski as the celebrant, as she was a big campaigner for marriage equality over here.

    "It was filmed on a pretty cold and miserable Melbourne day, but everyone had the biggest smiles on their faces. Our art department created a fantastic setting, Chris Adshead did a wonderful job of directing and Paul Gartside wrote a terrific script."

    9. The show is upping the ante

    We recently wrote about how Neighbours is on fire right now thanks to its excellent mix of dramatic and character-based storylines, plus the fact that its content classification has recently been upgraded from G to PG. Keen to hear more about what's going on behind the scenes, we asked if there's been a revamp with the approach to storytelling this year.

    Jason told us: "It's gratifying to see such a positive response to our recent storylines. We always strive to deliver the perfect blend of drama, romance and humour and that hasn't changed.

    "However, we have certainly been making effort to tell more heightened stories in recent times and that will continue. We've also had some new cast join this year and that always provides fresh story momentum."

    On the change from G to PG and whether it will make more of an impact in the months ahead, he added: "It won't be a seismic change, but there will be a little more scope in some circumstances. We are still a daytime/early evening show on both sides of the globe and remain a family-friendly viewing option. All of the episodes currently on air were actually plotted before the shift to PG."

    10. There are big plans for the Christmas episode

    Normally at this time of year, Neighbours fans start speculating about the end-of-year cliffhanger, but season finales are now a thing of the past. The show is airing all-year-round as part of its new deal with Channel 5, so we'll finally get to see Ramsay Street residents celebrating Christmas at the right time.

    "I think it's fantastic that viewers get to enjoy year-round Neighbours. In terms of cliffhanger opportunities, it's not such an evolution from our recent style, where we have major story peaks throughout the year," Jason explained.

    "The Christmas episode is going to be very Neighbours. There's lots of community cheer, as well as some very dramatic storylines playing out too. Our 8,000th episode is just a couple of episodes before, so it will be a very special time for the show."

    11. Karl will meet his long-lost sister

    Anyone who knows their Neighbours history will have spotted that the celebrant who marries David and Aaron has a very familiar-sounding surname. Jemima Davies-Smythe is the long-lost sister of Karl Kennedy – and yes, she will be coming face-to-face with him when she pays her visit to Erinsborough.

    Jason said: "Jemma Davies-Smythe is played by the wonderful Magda Szubanski. She first appears as a surprise celebrant at David and Aaron's wedding and is revealed to have a connection to the Kennedy family.

    "Jemima has a very unique approach to relationships which creates a fair bit of conflict, not to mention laughs. Her dynamic with Susan is priceless."

    And some final mini-teasers from Jason…

    12. "Paul Robinson will be confronted by a couple of new relationships which spring up in Erinsborough, putting his loyalties to the test."

    13. "Around October we will have a brilliant new character arrive with a daring scheme to create a place for herself in one of our households, which has been lots of fun to plot."

    14. "Chloe will also have a strong focus in upcoming months, both on the work, health and romantic front."

    15. "Four of our characters will be very involved in a juicy conspiracy later in the year, which will bring lots of drama."

    16. "We've also just filmed a storyline in the snow, which is a completely new adventure for Neighbours."

    Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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    Digital Spy seems to be pleased with the way "Neighbours has shed its G rating and embraced its naughtier side in 2018". I am not sure whether everybody agrees with this...…………Thoughts?

    7 ways Neighbours has pushed the boundaries with its new PG rating
    Our favourite neighbours are all grown up.

    Neighbours has been on fine form this year, and as we discussed in our recent article, one of the reasons why has been the show's new PG rating. All Aussie TV shows have a strict classification, but it's only recently that Neighbours has moved up from G to PG.

    Yes, after years of innuendo, euphemisms and bloodless deaths, Neighbours has been bigger and bolder than ever before. So, let's have a look at a few of the ways Neighbours has shed its G rating and embraced its naughtier side in 2018...…….
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