James and Harry discuss the night Amy died but a guilt-racked Harry is sent into a blind panic when they realise Sami was within earshot and could have heard every word!
Meanwhile Diane isn’t happy when Tony tells her he wants Harry to move back in with them. At breaking point, she gives her hubby an ultimatum: Either he goes to the police and tells them about Harry’s killer confession or she’ll be packing her bags and moving out. Eek!
What will torn dad Tony decide to do? And should he be very worried when DS Thorpe later turns up asking to speak to his son? Has the copper had a new tip-off?
Elsewhere, Yasmine is furious by her family’s constant interfering and bunks off lessons to go drinking with Lily.
And following recent shock revelations Peri and Leela are at eachother’s throats. Will they be able to resolve their differences?


Mum Misbah realises that she’s been too harsh on Yasmine and decides to organise a family cricket match to pull her clan together.
But will a bat and ball really do the trick? Farrah has picked up on some tensions between Sami and Kim and when she confronts the pair on the drive home from the match, emotions rise but there’s disaster when a distracted Misbah crashes the car and spins out of control in a tunnel!
Meanwhile, following another heated set-to, Diane says she can no longer live with Tony and is going to stay at her sister’s. Tony agrees to drive her there. But are Tony and Diane about to be caught up in the Maalik’s car crash and is anyone else travelling with them?


There’s carnage following the car crash caused by Misbah in a tunnel. Tony and Diane are caught up in the accident and Misbah is in a blind panic when she sees a lorry heading straight towards her car containing all her family.
The terrified mum has to act fast to save her children but who will she rescue first and will her decision have terrible repercussions?
When Ste and James hear about the crash they rush to the hospital but are left stunned by the news that greets them. What have they discovered?


Brody insists on going with Maggie to the hospital for her cancer treatment but when Scott, who’s lurking in the wings, sees the pair sharing an emotional hug he immediately gets the wrong idea and assumes the pair are having a secret affair!
Will he tell Damon and if so, is it only a matter of time before the truth about Maggie’s terminal cancer comes to light?
Elsewhere there are dramatic developments involving Harry, James and Sami.


There are explosive repercussions when Ryan unburdens himself but who has the killer cop spoken to and what exactly has he told them about the night of Amy’s death?
Meanwhile, having seen Brody and Maggie cuddling, Scott is convinced the pair are having a clandestine affair.
He’s determined to prove the “truth”, to his brother Damon, but will his misguided assumption about Maggie and Brody have painful consequences as more revelations come to light?