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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 15th - 19th January 2018

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    Neighbours Spoilers 15th - 19th January 2018

    Monday 15th Jan

    Tyler's ordeal gets even worse. His charges become a whole lot more serious.

    Tyler learns that the charges against him have been upgraded from manslaughter to murder.

    After deciding to return to school and work towards becoming a nurse, Xanthe takes her relationship with Ben to the next level but Terese finds them in bed together.

    Shane struggles to communicate with Kirsha, who retreats into a vow of silence.

    Tuesday 16th Jan

    The Brennans make a major sacrifice. They pull together to help Tyler.

    The Brennan boys decide to sell the boat to meet Tyler's legal bills. Gary tries to put a group of investors together in the hope of running the vessel as a business.

    Aaron is shocked to find out that Rory is still in town, and David discovers that the two have some history.

    Gary is horrified when he learns that his daughter slept with Ben.

    Wednesday 17th Jan.

    Gary makes an embarrassing mistake. Will he ruin things for Shane?

    After a chat with Amy, Shane sets up a meet with an entrepreneur who has expressed interest in his generator.

    Gary sees Xanthe and Ben stepping into a lift in the hotel. He follows them and barges into a room, only to find it occupied by Levi Jansen, Shane's potential investor.

    Rory finds a way to spend more time with Aaron.

    Thursday 18th Jan.

    Shane is arrested after confronting Gary. He takes his anger way too far.

    After hearing about Gary's behaviour, Terese bars him from Lassiter's.

    Shane drowns his sorrows after Levi Jansen cancels their meeting and leaves town. Later, he confronts Gary and flies out of control, forcing Mishti to arrest him.

    Leo is disappointed when Mishti's work forces her to cancel their date.

    Friday 19th Jan.

    Mark and Jack's tension leads to a fight. Who'll come out on top?

    Amy and Elly's attempts to bring Mark and Jack together over a game of croquet result in fisticuffs.

    Dipi's accusation that Mishti is putting work before family makes Shane question his own focus, and he decides to concentrate on inventing.

    Paul reveals his plans for the future, but Leo seems less than enthusiastic.

    And coming soon...

    Piper gets the offer of her dreams, but has second thoughts about accepting it.

    Rory succeeds in driving a wedge between Aaron and David.

    Dipi tries to help Sheila on the romance front.

    Jimmy succumbs to temptation in his efforts to do something for Kirsha.

    Shane gets some bad advice from Leo.

    Jack and Paige choose Gabe's godparents.

    Digital Spy

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    TV Week has the following Neighbours plot teasers:

    Angry Boys.

    Mark & Jack's feud turns violent.

    There's no love lost between Mark and Jack when the rival's anger erupts in a bitter brawl in this week's Neighbours.

    Tension between the pair has been brewing for months, but hit boiling point last week when Jack and Paige's son, Gabe, was kidnapped. Everyone raced to find the bub and their only concerns were Gabe's safety.

    But a week later, the animosity between the boys is worse than ever.

    Elly wants to try to do something about it by inviting both to join her croquet match with Amy.

    But the outing goes from bad to worse when Jack snaps at Mark (Scott McGregor) and Elly for what he perceives to be flirting.

    Then an argument breaks out between the men, who are, it seems, both in love with the same woman.

    "Mark believes Jack still has feelings for Paige," Scott, 36, says. "They'll never go away. They have such a huge tie together through Gabe, so he knows that'll be a constant issue."

    But it's not until Mark questions Jack's parenting that things get violent.

    Furious, Jack throws a punch at Mark and a fight breaks out.

    "Jack's emotions get the better of him," Scott says. Mark is standing up for what he believes in and they clash."

    A feud with Jack is the last thing Mark needs right now, especially with his brother Tyler facing jail time.

    Tyler has been charged with manslaughter for an attack on Hamish that led to his death. Now, however, the charges have been upgraded to murder.

    "It's devastating for Mark," Scott reveals. "At this point in time, he's at a loss and he can't control the situation at all, which makes him feel vulnerable."

    C'mon, guys, it's time to settle your differences - for little Gabe's sake.

    Secrets And Lies.

    David Finds Out The Truth About Aaron's Ex.

    Things have been awkward between Aaron and David since Rory's arrival in Erinsborough. And David is about to find out at least part of the reason why.

    Fans will remember Aaron ran into his ex-boyfriend, Rory (Ash Williams), while in Paris and the pair made up for lost time.

    "Rory still has feelings for Aaron," Ash, 35, says. "And now that Aaron has a new boyfriend, he wants him back more than ever."

    But David has no idea about Aaron's Paris fling - or even that Aaron and Rory were romantically involved.

    That changes when David bumps into Rory, who strategically mentions his dance troupe, Rough Trade.

    "Rory is manipulative and knows how to get what he wants," Ash explains.

    None the wiser, David thinks it might be nice for he and Aaron to go and watch a performance, so he looks up the group on the internet.

    The very first thing he sees is a photograph of the dancers that features Rory and Aaron with their arms around each other.

    Shocked, David decides to confront Aaron to find out the truth. Will he confess everything?

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    Digital Spy articles:

    Neighbours showdown as Mark Brennan and Jack Callahan brawl in the street.

    Looks like they may never be friends!

    Neighbours romance crisis as David Tanaka realises Aaron Brennan is keeping secrets.

    Will this cause long-term problems for the couple?

    Neighbours' Shane Rebecchi gets arrested by Mishti Sharma after a furious outburst.

    Taking revenge against Gary doesn't end well.

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    That Rory is a right creep.

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    get a normal job shane

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vickig7 View Post
    That Rory is a right creep.
    He's a slimeball - and now poor Amy thinks that he likes her. She really has the worst luck with guys
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    How good was Shanes tanty?! Best part was when Gary offered an irate Shane a pancake which annoyed him even more!
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