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Thread: Coronation Street Spoilers 2018

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    Coronation Street Spoilers 2018

    Coronation Street is lining up a dramatic car chase between Luke Britton and killer Pat Phelan in the New Year.

    Connor McIntyre and Dean Fagan who play Phelan and Luke respectively have been spotted on location filming the action sequence in two vehicles.

    The pictures show Phelan frantically pursuing Luke's car, before overtaking him and grinding the chase to a halt.

    Fans will have to wait and see what prompts the tense chase, but it confirms that Luke will become central to Phelan's dark story as it continues to unfold.

    It's already been suggested that Luke could be the next character to get dragged into Phelan's web as he continues to ask awkward questions about Andy Carver's disappearance.

    Suspicious after learning that Andy didn't move to Bristol in January like everyone first thought, Luke becomes increasingly determined to try and track his old friend down.

    Of course in doing this, Luke is unwittingly getting himself into serious danger with Phelan who murdered Andy after holding him hostage for months.

    But has Luke discovered the truth about Phelan's killer antics? Or is there another reason behind the dramatic car chase?

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    New Year! I was hoping it would all end at Christmas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by swmc66 View Post
    New Year! I was hoping it would all end at Christmas!
    Same here Swim, I'm waiting to hear the dreaded soap phrase, " It will end in the spring". Which is the soap code for about June.

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    when is anna's exit, she has to bring phelan down

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    There is still no guarantee that this saga will ever end, never mind in the New Year or Spring or even June. So Phelan captures Luke and either murders him and locks him up as a prisoner somewhere and off we go again until he finds his next victim......

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