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Thread: Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaighte)

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    Digital Spy article:

    Neighbours reveals one last Izzy Hoyland twist as she leaves Erinsborough again.

    She decides to leave Holly behind.

    Neighbours airs Izzy Hoyland's exit scenes next week as she springs one last surprise on Karl and Susan Kennedy before leaving Erinsborough.

    Izzy (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) will leave the Kennedys on tenterhooks this fortnight, as she's forced to come clean about how she's stolen Karl's sperm from the hospital and used it to try to get pregnant.

    Much to the relief of both Karl and Susan, scheming Izzy later takes a pregnancy test and is forced to admit that it's negative.

    However, with her masterplan thwarted, Izzy makes another shocking confession to Karl (Alan Fletcher) explaining that she never really wanted the baby and was only ever trying to get close to him.

    Izzy admits that the last time she can remember being happy was when they were together, so she even tries to reignite old passion by making a pass at Karl.

    Fortunately, Karl stays loyal to Susan this time and immediately reports back to his wife about Izzy's latest bad behaviour.

    As Susan starts to wonder how she can get rid of her arch-nemesis, Toadie Rebecchi suggests using some reverse psychology against Izzy.

    Taking Toadie's advice on board, Susan kindly invites Izzy to move to Erinsborough permanently, live around the corner and become part of the local community again.

    Just as Susan and Toadie had hoped for, Izzy soon realises that such a "dull" existence is not for her and it's not long before she's making plans to leave again.

    What's more, Izzy even decides to leave her daughter Holly behind in Erinsborough arguing that Karl and Susan will be better parents to her than she ever will be.

    As Izzy bows out once again, Karl and Susan are forced to pick up the pieces. How will Holly cope with being so cruelly abandoned by her mum?

    Neighbours airs these scenes on Monday, March 19 and Tuesday, March 20 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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    I thought she was back full time

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    Only a guest stint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaz21 View Post
    Only a guest stint.
    Do not like the character, hope she is not pregnant again ... not that her stealing the specimen and self impregnating is realistic ..
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    Rubbish acting !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rowdydog12 View Post
    Rubbish acting !!!
    from who, all of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizann View Post
    from who, all of them
    Yeah that whole steal the sperm sample and party was ugly ugly acting

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    Bye bye Izzy

    I know we're meant to hate her but I don't ,mostly feel sorry for her. She's a complex and interesting character. Sad how she left without telling Holly. Poor kid

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    It was way too early to take a pregnancy test. It`s no surprise it was negative - this time.
    I hope Izzy doesn`t come back in a year or so with Karls baby.

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