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Thread: Mrs Robinson webisodes

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    Exclamation Mrs Robinson webisodes

    Neighbours is launching a brand new webisode series called 'Mrs Robinson', which will explore Paul Robinson's shock engagement to Courtney Grixti.

    The four-part online exclusive will reveal what really happened when Courtney and Paul met in an airport lounge before heading to a tropical island in Queensland.

    Paul is about to return to Erinsborough and drop the bombshell that he's engaged to Tim Collins' daughter Courtney after a whirlwind romance an announcement that understandably leaves those closest to him confused (and concerned).

    Paul will reveal that their paths crossed when they met in the departure lounge of the airport a few weeks ago, which led to them going on holiday together and falling in love.

    Courtney in Neighbours

    However, if fans still have questions about how the pair really came to be engaged (and we are sure you do!) then this new series has all the answers and more.

    As Paul's family and the residents of Erinsborough discuss what could be going on, fans can watch this weekly 4-part web exclusive to follow the story of how they got together.

    Webisode one kicks off with Courtney and Paul bumping into each other at the airport where they are both trying to flee Erisnborough for personal reasons. But is there more to this surprise romance than meets the eye?

    The webisodes will be released weekly on Neighbours' official YouTube channel and Facebook page.+

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    I think it's all fake, the engagement that is.
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    Thanks Perdita.
    This 'engagement' is a brilliant storyline. Paul knows it will infuriate Courtney`s Dad Tim Collins for sure. And we all know there`s no love lost between Paul and Tim. In fact there`s no love lost between Tim and most of Erinsborough.
    And also, this must be Paul`s way of getting into Terese`s good graces. By hopefully getting Courtney to drop her lawsuit against Lassiters. And if Courtney does, then Paul will dump her...again infuriating Tim Collins.
    It wouldn`t surprise me if Paul ends up buying Lassiters himself which I hope he does. This storyline is all a win/win for Paul Robinson. He is so brilliant at manipulation. It`s what he does best.
    It`s easy to see why Paul Robinson is my favourite Neighbours character, and has been from the beginning.

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    I can`t help but get the feeling that Paul Robinson was somehow responsible for Lassiter`s losing a star so he could swoop in and buy Lassiter`s at a knockdown price. Once the Udigowers(sp) pull their investment from the hotel chain, then the hotel could very well be back in Paul`s hands once more.
    Please make it happen Neighbours. I can remember feeling so heartbroken for Paul when he was made to walk out of Lassiter`s penniless a few years ago.. I doubt if he will ever forget that either. Hell hath no fury like a Paul Robinson scorned. No one does revenge quite like Paul.

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