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Thread: Neighbours Spoilers 28th August- 1st September 2017

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    Neighbours Spoilers 28th August- 1st September 2017


    Having pled Lassiter's case to Mr Udagawa and learned that her tumours have shrunk, Terese and Paul end up in bed.

    Meanwhile, Gary is organising a big romantic gesture.

    Elsewhere, Toadie and Sonya bond over contempt at a succession of impractical ideas by Karl and Shane.

    Also today, Amy is torn between her attraction to Nick and disloyalty to her father.


    Terese suppresses her guilt and tells Paul that there is no chance of getting back together.

    Meanwhile, Yashvi lies to Freya about her relationship with Ben.

    Elsewhere, the attraction between Amy and Nick is evident as the two flirt at Gary and Terese's engagement party. Amy suggests to Steph that she might consider investing in Nick's business plan.


    Mark does his best to mend fences with Tyler, but just when he is succeeding, Toadie arrives with Russell's will – and a warning that they are in for a shock.

    Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Yashvi bonds with Ben, who remains unaware of what she has done.

    Elsewhere, Toadie and Sonya try to get Karl voted off the committee, but he gets wind of their plans and turns the tables on them.


    Russell's will astonishes the Brennan brothers – they all thought their father had no assets to speak of, but this is far from the case.

    Meanwhile, various attempts to pair off Leo with Mishti prove unsuccessful.

    Elsewhere, Steph takes Ben and Adam out for an afternoon picnic, only for matters to take a potentially disastrous turn.


    After rescuing her son from extreme danger, Steph questions her priorities and makes some life-changing decisions.

    Meanwhile, Piper makes Xanthe an offer that she cannot refuse.

    Elsewhere, Nick is delighted to hear that Steph intends to buy Paul and Leo's share of the motel for his wellness centre. After he thanks Amy, matters become heated.

    And coming soon...

    Tyler comes face-to-face with his real father.
    Determined to thwart Nick's plans, Paul takes drastic action.
    Sonya and Toadie seize an opportunity to get Karl removed from the committee.
    Yashvi finds herself in an awkward situation with Ben.
    Sheila is disappointed after a misunderstanding with Gary and Terese.

    Digital Spy

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    I was hoping that it wasn't going to be Tyler.

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    TV Week has the following Neighbours plot teasers for the week 28th Aug - 1st Sept:

    Sleeping With The Enemy.

    Two forbidden romances start heating up.

    Love is in the air in Neighbours this week, as passions intensify for two sets of star-crossed lovers.

    This isn't the first time Paul and Terese have shared a night of passion. In fact, the unlikely lovers have a long and complicated history.

    But the timing couldn't be worse for a reunion of the former flames. Terese is in the midst of breast cancer treatment and she's set to wed Gary in a few months.

    When Terese finds out her tumours have shrunk, she's overjoyed. But when she can't reach Gary to tell him the good news, she finds herself sharing the happy moment with Paul.

    Overcome with emotion, the pair finally give in to their desires.

    This week also sees the start of something beautiful between Amy and Nick, who end up locking lips.

    Did they somehow forget Amy's dad, Paul, is the reason Nick was put behind bars in the first place?

    Rescue Mission.

    Steph Saves Her Son In The Nick Of Time.

    Slowly but surely, Steph has been bonding with the son she gave up at birth. This week, however, what begins as a special picnic for Steph and Adam quickly turns into a nightmare.

    When Adam runs after a remote-controlled car and disappears into a busy car park, Steph fears the worst. Watching the panicked mum scale a fence in seconds and sprint across the parking lot makes for heart-pumping viewing!

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    Digital Spy article re Steph & Adam:

    Neighbours reveals life-or-death drama for Steph Scully's son Adam in these new pictures

    The youngster is nearly killed in dramatic scenes.

    Steph Scully is left fearing for her youngest son's life in dramatic Neighbours scenes next week.

    Show bosses have brought back young actor Archie Campbell for another guest appearance as Adam, who is Steph's son with Daniel Fitzgerald.

    Steph (Carla Bonner) is delighted to have the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Adam and she also invites Ben Kirk, who brings along some of Tyler Brennan's remote control cars for the young boy to play with.

    Although everything seems to be going swimmingly at first, disaster strikes when Adam loses control of his car and rushes off in search of it.

    As Steph struggles to keep up with her son while chasing after him, Adam disappears into a nearby car park to retrieve the toy from underneath one of the parked vehicles.

    Steph watches on in horror as she realises there's a woman inside the car ready to reverse out, oblivious to the fact that Adam is searching underneath.

    Knowing there are only seconds to spare, Steph risks her own safety by scaling a barbed wire topped fence and trying to alert the driver before Adam is crushed underneath the wheels of the vehicle.

    As these pictures show, Steph successfully manages to save her son, but she's left deeply shaken by what's happened.

    Frustrated over how powerless she felt in the moment, Steph confides in her love interest Jack Callahan by revealing that it's made her question her priorities.

    Steph is ready to make some life-changing decisions, but what will they be? And will Jack be included in her future?

    Neighbours airs these scenes on Friday, September 1 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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    Thanked: 2614 article on Terese/Paul/Gary:

    Neighbours: Rebekah Elmaloglou interview – “Terese sleeps with Paul, but I want her to marry Gary!”,639

    Neighbours' matriarch Terese Willis is one of the toughest women Ramsay Street has ever seen, and she’s certainly had to be in recent months during her brave battle with breast cancer.

    The ballbreaking businesswoman has had the support of not one, but two admirers – fiancé Gary Canning and old flame Paul Robinson. The men in her life couldn’t be more different, and fans are torn as to who she’s best suited to. Confusing matters further is the fact that Terese sleeps with Paul behind Gary’s back next week, following good news on her condition. So who does Rebekah Elmaloglou, who plays the conflicted Terese, think her character would be better off with?

    “There is a strength in Paul that maybe isn’t there in Gary,” begins the actress, who joined the Neighbours cast in 2013, and shot to fame in her teens as Sophie Simpson in rival Aussie soap Home and Away. “She can be honest with Paul and not feel she has to put some kind of façade on. Like her, he’s ambitious and feisty so they are compatible personalities.

    “But with Gary there are no agendas and he has a playfulness about him which she really enjoys. I feel personally he’s a better fit, but I wonder whether Terese is going to get bored with him down the track…”

    The lure of the Robinson rogue proves irresistible once again to Terese next Monday when she turns to him having been told by doctors that her tumours have shrunk.

    Sharing the good news with her ex, the pair end up sleeping together. “Yes, it’s an interesting way to celebrate!” laughs Elmaloglou. “It’s a shared, spontaneous moment. Despite their history there is still an emotional attachment.

    “Unbeknown to her, when she gets home Gary has arranged a surprise party to celebrate their engagement! Bless Gary. His timing could’ve been better.”

    Does Terese come clean to her intended about her infidelity? “No but she is absolutely guilt-ridden. She knows how much Gary loves her and, despite what she’s just done, she loves Gary too. Terese chooses to stick with Gary but she now has a heavy secret which she’s really going to be struggling with for a long time,413

    “I’d love for Terese to get some stability in her life and make it to the altar with Gary. The girl has been through so much!”

    Tackling Terese’s cancer storyline has been particularly emotive for Elmaloglou, and a personal link to the plot initially had producers worried about how she’d feel about portraying it.

    “My own mother Teresa was diagnosed with breast cancer over 12 months ago,” she reveals, “I was with her every step of the way through her treatment. The producers were hesitant when they presented the idea of Terese having the illness because my mum’s experience was so fresh, and they were taken aback by how enthusiastic I was about exploring the issue.

    “I thought it was especially important that the character questioned her initial diagnosis that she didn’t have breast cancer. She listened to her own instincts and body, and that’s so important. It’s easy to be intimidated by doctors and specialists, and you hear the same story over and over again. I wanted to show women have to take ownership of their health.”

    While Terese’s love life may look uncertain, Elmaloglou is pleased the outlook for her health is looking much better. “She is definitely concerned about her future and has been trying to keep everyone else calm about what she’s going through – but things are looking very positive with her treatment and that’s how I wanted the story to play out.”

    Neighbours continues weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.
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    Neighbours reveals another big shock for the Brennan brothers next week as Russell's will throws up a major surprise.

    Mark, Aaron and Tyler are currently grieving after their dad Russell passed away suddenly following a heart attack.

    When Toadie Rebecchi makes arrangements to discuss Russell's will next week, the siblings aren't expecting anything too dramatic – feeling certain that their father had no real assets to speak of.

    However, the trio soon realise they'll have to set aside any preconceptions, with Toadie warning that there's actually a pretty big curveball in the will.

    Mark, Aaron and Tyler Brennan are shocked by Russell's will in Neighbours
    © CHANNEL 5

    First up, Toadie reveals that Mark will inherit Russell's old fishing rods, while the Brennans' sister Chloe gets his old leather jacket.

    Meanwhile, Aaron and Tyler will receive the remains of Russell's estate after all legal costs and funeral expenses have been paid.

    Much to everyone's surprise, this includes a boat that could be worth $500,000 once the engine has been repaired.

    Although Tyler was expecting to receive nothing, it's clear that Mark and Chloe are the ones who've really been snubbed here – with Russell getting revenge for their perceived lack of loyalty towards him.

    Mark, Aaron and Tyler Brennan are shocked by Russell's will in Neighbours
    © CHANNEL 5

    When the Brennan brothers all head off to see the boat for themselves, Mark is clearly hurting as he reflects on Russell's decisions.

    Left alone to talk about it, will Tyler and Aaron decide to keep the boat, or sell it? And if it does get sold, will they agree to include Mark and Chloe when it comes to sharing out the cash?

    Neighbours airs these scenes on Thursday, August 31 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

    Digital Spy

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