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Thread: Home and Away (Aus) Spoilers 28th - 31 st August 2017

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    Home and Away (Aus) Spoilers 28th - 31 st August 2017

    Mon 28th Aug

    What does Zannis want with Ziggy? Will this trigger Brody? Will the police be able to find her in time? Will Wally give Hunter another chance? Will these two come together? Is Raffy a secret genius?

    Tue 29th Aug

    Will Kat, Ziggy and Brody make it out alive? Will the Astonis be able to get their plans approved? Will Robbo ever regain his memories?

    Wed 30th Aug

    Is this the start of something between Robbo and Kat? As Kat and Robbo draw closer, so do Ash and Tori. Will they be able to resist? Is this it for Brody and Ziggy's friendship?

    Thu 31st Aug

    After more than a few problems at the start, is this finally it for Wally and Hunter's relationship? Now that Kat and Ash are over, will this mean Tori and Robbo are in with a chance?


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    TV Week Soap Diary for Home and Away (Aus) 28th - 31st August 2017

    Monday 28 Aug

    - Wally offers Hunter money.
    - Ben freaks out and confronts Brody when he sees him with Ziggy.
    - Roo, Marilyn and John are impressed by Raffy's academic capabilities. Is she a genious?

    Tue 29 Aug

    - Zannis holds Brody and Ziggy hostage!
    - Ben finds out the pier might get a heritage listing.
    - Marilyn and John help Robbo by finding him a job.

    Wed 30 Aug

    - Tori panics when Brody doesn't attend his bail sign in.
    - Kat and Robbo grow closer as Kat begins to suspect he used to be a cop.
    - Ash and Tori begin to spend mote time together.

    Thurs 31 Aug

    - After a bumpy start, will Hunter and Wally ever be able to form a genuine relationship?
    - Scarlett tries to help Robbo regain his memory and unlock the secrets of his past.

    TV Week also has the following plot teaser:

    Hostage Horror.

    Will Brody And Ziggy Make It Out Alive?

    Several lives are at risk this week when crazed criminal Zannis kidnaps Brody and Ziggy.

    In gripping scenes in Home and Away, drug dealer Zannis (Caleb Alloway) wants revenge after Brody (Jackson Heywood) handed him over to the police.

    At the beach, Brody chats with Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), unaware Zannis is lurking nearby. When Ziggy walks away, Zannis and his thugs drag the Summer Bay babe into a car and speed off.

    The car pulls up to a run-down motel and Ziggy is taken inside.

    After tying her to a chair, Zannis demands she contact Brody. But the rebellious blonde refuses.

    "Ziggy won't go down without a fight," Sophie, 24, explains to TV WEEK. "When she realises why she's been kidnapped, she tries everything to protect Brody."

    Frustrated, Zannis gags her and pulls out a gun. Ziggy pleads for her life. But instead of pulling the trigger, Zannis grabs Ziggy's phone. He sends a text message to Brody, inviting him to the motel.

    At the Diner, police officer Kat receives a call to say Brody has missed his parole appointment.

    Irene, who was with Brody when he got the text, tells Kat of his plan to meet Ziggy.

    At the motel, Brody is greeted by two thugs. He tries to reason with his former boss, but Zannis won't be talked down.

    He plans to kill them both and make it look like a drug overdose.

    "They're both scared beyond belief," Sophie says.

    Zannis aims the gun at Brody's chest as Ziggy tries to riggle free of her binds.

    Will Kat save the day? Or is this the end for Brody and Ziggy?

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