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Thread: Robbo (Jake Ryan)

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    He marries jasmine eventually

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    TV Week article:


    Meet The Parents.
    Why Don't Robbo's Folks Like Jasmine?

    Wedding bells are almost ringing for reunited lovers Robbo and Jasmine in Home and Away this week.

    However, when the bride-to-be decides she'd like to meet her future in-laws, what happens next threatens to derail the entire wedding.

    Jasmine (Sam Frost) is adamant that it would be good to get to know Robbo's (Jake Ryan) parents, giving her fiancé little say in the matter.

    As the couple venture out to the Shaw family farm, Jasmine grows nervous, hoping she'll be welcomed by Ian (Frankie J Holden) and Wendy (Amanda Muggleton).

    When they greet each other, Jasmine chooses to hand them their invitation to the wedding personally.

    However, when the foursome sit down to lunch, things take a turn at the mention of Tori (Penny McNamee) tricking Robbo into having a baby.

    Soon after, when Wendy and Jasmine are left to chat, Robbo's protective mother takes the opportunity to give Jasmine a blunt message: she doesn't approve of her marrying her son and won't be giving them her blessing.

    Despite Jasmine's protests, Wendy stands firm and refuses to change her opinion.

    Meanwhile, Ian lets his son know of his own concerns about the union, which throws Robbo.

    When Robbo returns, he senses the tension in the air and presses for an explanation. That's when Ian and Wendy lay their cards on the table: they want their son to move home to the farm.

    Will Robbo be forced to choose between his family and Jasmine? article from TV Week:

    Home and Away: Meeting the parents is no picnic for Robbo and Jasmine
    Why don’t Robbo’s folks like Jamine?
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    If "Robbo's" parents call him Robbo i am done !!

    Its time for them to all call him by his real name and stop living in the past

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    Daily Mail article with pictures of Justin (James Stewart) & Robbo (Jake Ryan) having a bit of an altercation & Alf trying to separate them (the actual article is the usual Daily Mail standard...say no more!)

    Home and Away SPOILER: Ray Meagher, 75, splits up fight between Jake Ryan and James Stewart as their characters brawl in Summer Bay - with Alf bravely diving into the action.

    I have read elsewhere that someone who was on the 'Summer Bay Tour' at the time (you can see the onlookers in the background of one of the photos), has said that they heard Justin/James say that he was going to turn off Tori's life support, & that was what sparked the fight. Who knows whether that is true.

    Penny McNamee (Tori) is currently still on maternity leave (I understand that she went off on maternity leave straight after they filmed Robbo & Jasmine's wedding, which is soon to air in Aust). I believe she came back briefly a while back, probably to shoot the 'birth' scenes (I think she put on Instagram at the time that she was back on set that day). She then recently also posted that she would be back on set fulltime in August. There have been a number of photos recently of filming at Palm Beach with Robbo & Jasmine with the baby & pushing the pram around etc. But, of course, there haven't been any pictures of Tori filming, which has sparked speculation that she may have been killed off. After what we are seeing at the moment in the Aust pace episodes, where Tori has had complications with the pregnancy & needs total rest etc, I think that it is more likely that she is just hospital/bed ridden for sometime. If it is true what the person on the Tour is supposed to have heard (ie Justin was going to turn off her life support), then maybe there will be a difficult birth & Tori ends up in a coma, or similar, & that is how they will explain her absence on screen for the duration of Penny's maternity leave...We will see...

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