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Thread: Sunset Beach

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelAnnieD View Post
    Aw yeh, love finding people that are still fans! The awful acting, the terrible sets, the flashbacks, the talking to themselves - so bad it’s good. Some of the eps that I have are from Ch 5 and still have John and Pauline’s commentary at the end, still makes me laugh out loud! (This won’t make sense if you’re not from the UK, I just realised lol)
    I loved the whole talking to themselves, like nobody in the room could hear them. I loved how Olivia over acted everytime she held her "grandchild" and the whole evil twin was genius. You can't get good storylines like that in soaps anymore hahahaha
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmak2005 View Post
    Eddie Cibrian , also known as Cole Deschanel on Sunset Beach, joined the cast of Sunset Beach in February, 1997 as a jewel thief. Eddie's career launched when he landed a job doing a Coca-cola comercial on his very first audition. Since then you have been able to see Eddie on "The Bold and the Beautiful," "The Young and the Restless," "Beverly Hills: 90210", and "Saved By the Bell: the College Years." Cibrian is also pursuing a degree in economics at UCLA. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, football, tennis, and basketball.

    Yummy Eddie pic
    Cole was handsome, lover of mother and daughter

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