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Thread: Holly City 16th May

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    Exclamation Holly City 16th May

    Project Aurous:

    Jac's job and livelihood are at risk

    when a mystery patient arrives on Darwin and seeks
    her help, while a short-staffed Keller welcomes a
    familiar face to the team. Elsewhere, a distracted
    Oliver is preoccupied with a special surprise for
    Zosia, leaving Fletch overloaded.
    Can Lofty (Lee Mead) heal old wounds and learn to love

    nursing again when he turns up at Holly
    as an agency nurse? Not before getting o
    a few people's nerves it seems
    Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe

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    Exclamation Holby City Spoilers 16th May 2017

    'Project Aurous'

    When Fran arrives on Darwin with a medical condition, it puts Jac in a compromising professional position.

    Will Jac be able to juggle both the responsibilities of her job and Fran/

    Meanwhile, Lofty arrives as an agency nurse on a busy Keller, but he's a bit rusty. Will he be able to get through the day without screwing everything up?

    Elsewhere, Oliver plans a big surprise for Zosia and ropes in Fletch who contributes a plethora of ideas, not exactly to Oliver's taste. Will he and Fletch be able to work together to crack the conundrum of a case they have on AAU?

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    Holby had better not make a habit of having Robyn in it lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by hward View Post
    Holby had better not make a habit of having Robyn in it lol
    Amen to that. She`s bad enough on Casualty without having to watch her on HC too.

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