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Thread: Robert and Aaron Spoiler Thread

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    I like the and Nicola storyline its giving someone else to interact with and Nicola is a great character with witty one liners, her and Robert could have some classic scenes together, it also ensures Robron have their own stories whilst maintaining their solid relationship. It would be quite amusing to see Robron and Nicola/Jimmy on a night out together that would be great viewing.

    Good that is going to see Seb, I am waiting to see how he gets to the point of the visit as I am sure will have something very much to do with visit.

    Surrogacy or adoption I can see as a big Robron story in 2019, I still think they should have some issues with prejudice, not everyone is a accepting as the good people of Emmerdale seem to be with same sex relationships, its lovely to see them accepted without issue but a small village in Yorkshire are generally a little more conservative (before I get any kick-back I live in the North UK so have experience)

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