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Thread: Finn Kelly (Rob Mills)

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    It's a golden rule of Neighbours that you just don't mess with Susan Kennedy so it was no surprise to see her getting the last word in her war with Finn Kelly today.

    Susan nearly lost her position as Erinsborough High principal forever when Finn hatched a nasty plan to steal her job, but it all went wrong for him when he was caught out for tampering with her pills and grooming Xanthe Canning.

    Even after his ill-fated attempt to frame Elly Conway for attempted murder, Finn still had one last card to play in Thursday's episode (June 29) as he demanded to see Susan, Ben, Elly and Xanthe one last time.

    Smelling a rat, Susan suspected that Finn just wanted to influence their victim impact statements by making them all feel sorry for him. Sure enough, her theory proved correct when he desperately tried to justify his actions rather than saying sorry.

    After Finn managed to infuriate Elly, Xanthe and Ben once again, it was Susan's turn to hear his excuses as he blamed his brain aneurysm for clouding his judgement.

    Finn even begged Susan to convince the police that his illness was to blame rather than him, but the no-nonsense Neighbours legend was having none of it. Go Suse!

    Putting Finn in his place after he claimed his health struggles excused his actions, Susan told him: "No, that's where you're wrong. That's exactly the time when you look inward, when you become more self-aware, more reflective.

    "That's when you try to live your best life, not destroy everything around you."

    Susan Kennedy in Finn Kelly's final Neighbours episode

    She added: "This wasn't your illness, this was you. And Ben's right, you're not sorry. I hope one day you do gain some insight and are actually capable of taking some responsibility for what you've done. But I doubt it..."

    Not since the days of Izzy Hoyland have we enjoyed seeing Susan in fighting form so much she definitely won the war!

    As Finn is now heading off to a prison hospital, it's the end of his time on Neighbours for now, although actor Rob Mills has confirmed that he wouldn't rule out a return in the future.

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    I think I am going miss Finn

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