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Thread: Finn Kelly (Rob Mills)

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    Claudia is a *****

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    What do you think her plan is?

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    She want custody I bet

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    That's what I think. Do you think Shaun is rally dead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sufyaan View Post
    That's what I think. Do you think Shaun is rally dead?

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    Digital Spy article:

    Neighbours shock for Finn Kelly as Bea gets suspicious over his feelings for Elly
    Is the truth finally out?

    Neighbours' Finn Kelly is wrong-footed yet again later this month, as Bea Nilsson questions his feelings for her sister Elly Conway.

    Finn (Rob Mills) is currently in a relationship with Bea, but has grown closer to Elly in recent weeks as they've bonded over the death of his brother Shaun Watkins.

    This week's episodes have seen Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) grow suspicious over Finn's fixation on Elly, but she's not the only one who can spot what's going on.

    Scenes airing later this month see Finn's mother Claudia also notice that he's behaving strangely when it comes to Elly.

    Wanting to support her son's relationship, Claudia buys tickets for her, Finn and Bea to see The Nutcracker.

    Finn has other ideas as he wants to help forge a bond between Elly and Claudia, so he asks Bea to give up her ticket to her sister.

    Claudia is flabbergasted by Finn's behaviour and takes the opportunity to question him on which of the siblings he's really interested in.

    Finn opens up to his mum, but is furious when she later betrays his trust. He orders her to pack her bags and leave Erinsborough, even after she reveals that she was responsible for something that helped him in his trial.

    Claudia agrees to go, but can't help meddling in Finn's life one more time before she leaves.

    Later, Bea's own insecurities get the better of her and she finally questions Finn and Elly about the nature of their relationship.

    Finn and Elly strongly insist that they're just friends, and Finn also promises to spend more time with Bea to prove how much she means to him. How will Elly feel when she sees them looking cosy again?

    Neighbours airs these scenes on Monday, December 16, Wednesday, December 18 and Thursday, December 19 at 12.50pm and 6pm on Channel 5 (UK) and 6.30pm on 10 Peach (Australia).

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    Finn's mum obviously started the fire that burnt all the evidence

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