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Thread: New microsite allows fans to take look inside Sun Hill station thirty-

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    Exclamation New microsite allows fans to take look inside Sun Hill station thirty-

    Viewers can go into the station and relive the classic storylines and major plotlines

    FANS are being given the chance to relive the glory days of The Bill with a virtual tour around Sun Hill Station.

    ExploreTheBill lets users go inside the station and look back at the staff, their top cases and the love stories.

    Sergeant Bob Cryer was a fan favourite
    The show had some romantic storylines as well as the crime ITV

    With fact files and case notes, it’s a fantastic way for The Bill aficionados to feel nostalgic about the classic ITV show.

    Fans begin their journey by going through the doors of the iconic station.

    First show devotees can read old fact files on Sun Hill’s finest coppers such as Sergeant June Ackland and P.C. Reg Hollis.

    The show ran for 26 years ITV

    The old station

    Top Cops have their own files on the site

    The site then gives you the chance to look back at rap sheets for the rotten apples of the force like PC Gabriel K*nt who committed fraud, perjury, perverted the course of justice, GBH, rape and murder.

    But it wasn’t just the officers who were colourful, they station saw many memorable villains too.

    A major story line from the show was the Sun Kill Serial Killer in 2002 and culminated in PC Cass Rickman being murdered.

    Fans can relive the memories EXPLORETHEBILL.CO.UK

    Fans now follow the case through an interactive map plotting the victims and where their bodies were found along the Thames.

    Love stories, shocking moments and other major story lines are given life again on the website. Perfect for The Bill devotees to read and reminisce.

    Visitors to the site can reread old cases EXPLORETHEBILL.CO.UK

    The show launched many careers too, with Keira Knightley, Emma Bunton and Russell Brand (to name a few) cutting their teeth in Sun Hill Station.

    Despite the show being cancelled in 2010, fans are desperate for it to come back.

    Keira Knightley got her break on the show SOLENT NEWS & PHOTO AGENCY

    Emma Bunton even appeared on the show before joining the Spice Girls SOLENT NEWS & PHOTO AGENCY

    People have taken to Twitter to share their love of the show, and beg ITV to bring it back.

    One wrote: “Bring back #TheBill @ITV please! It was so good!”.

    Several others wondered why it had been cancelled in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alan45 View Post

    Several others wondered why it had been cancelled in the first place.
    Sadly I think we know only too well why that was!

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerman View Post
    Sadly I think we know only too well why that was!
    Yeah it started with new shackle camera man, then kidiecop who they just couldnt stop inserting into every epp despite her inability to speak, then to kill it off fully they added mood music and shacky cameramans drunk mate.

    Such a shame the BBC have tried several times to fill this Police dramas hole and failed, instead they have sucked the old cast into their shows and mostly failed. Its the shame that Mikies last airing in EE in was a one night stand of Kats.

    IMO Beth killed the bill, just like Amy from Emerdale will kill casulty

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