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Thread: Dee Bliss (Madeleine West)

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    great news the news i wanted for so long

    i just hope her back story isn't an let down and beleveable

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    Probably this year's finale cliffhanger? Her arriving on Toadie's doorstep.
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    Wonder why she waited so long? Amnesia!!?

    Will be the cliff hanger for sure.

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    This should be interesting. It's just a shame Ryan Moloney is a dreadful actor, so we'll be subjected to badly performed shock/horror/surprise faces when she does reappear.

    Unless she's there as a ghost/in his imagination as Toadie dies away, and we never see Toadie again.

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    This should be interesting. It's just a shame Ryan Moloney is a dreadful actor, so we'll be subjected to badly performed shock/horror/surprise faces when she does reappear.

    Unless she's there as a ghost/in his imagination as Toadie dies away, and we never see Toadie again.

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    Have you recovered from the shock yet? Neighbours brought us their biggest announcement of the year yesterday as they revealed that Dee Bliss is returning from the dead prompting huge excitement (and some confusion) from fans.

    Hot on the heels of the big news, Digital Spy were lucky enough to bag ourselves an exclusive chat with Madeleine West, who's reprising the role of Dee after 13 years. So take it away, Madeleine - what on earth is going on?

    How does it feel to be making this shock return to the show?

    "It's pretty gorgeous. It's very rare that an actor gets to revisit a character they've breathed life into after 13 years, especially one that has been so loved as Dee Bliss was.

    "It feels like coming full circle. Neighbours was where I took my first tentative steps into the film and TV industry. Since then, I've been lucky to have a wonderful career over 13 years and I've got a family. Now here I am, back again on Ramsay Street."

    Had Neighbours ever asked you back before this?

    "Probably over the last seven years, they've approached me at regular intervals. I've always loved Dee, but I was always in the midst of another television show, a film, or having children! So the time was never right.

    "But following the 30th anniversary of Neighbours, I was really quite charmed to find that the fans had voted Dee's wedding and death as their favourite moment only after Scott and Charlene's wedding. I felt quite honoured by that.

    "So when I was approached again, I thought: 'As much as it's nice for me to be able to complete Dee's story, it's also something really lovely for the fans'."

    Neighbours aren't saying exactly how Dee is back, but was it important to you that her return is plausible?

    "Absolutely. Had they told me that Dee had been snatched up by aliens or gone off as a secret spy, I think I would have been pretty quick to close the door!

    "I don't know all of the details of the storyline and how it will progress yet, but from what I do know, the way it has been approached is really plausible and really topical. I think audiences are going to get some real kicks out of it. It's very juicy."

    How do you think Toadie will react to seeing Dee back from the dead after 13 years?

    "I think once he's picked his jaw up off the floor, he'll be in equal parts remorseful and happy. I think he'll go through the whole gamut of emotions. There's going to be some really interesting and hard-hitting scenes for us both to play, along with everyone else in Ramsay Street who will feel the repercussions of Dee's return."

    We have a feeling this storyline may spark a war between Dee and Sonya fans...

    "Oh yeah, I can imagine there'll be Dee vs Sonya t-shirts! Camp Sonya and Camp Dee - that'd be fabulous. But I had him first!"

    Do you think Dee is the love of Toadie's life?

    "Dee doesn't necessarily have to be 'the love of Toadie's life', but I think we all have a certain soft spot for that first big love that we experienced. We often wonder and ponder what could have been. So I think a lot of those emotions will come to the fore.

    "It's also looking back on that whimsical time of your life when you're younger and there's less responsibility - before reality sets in. So it's a very rose-tinted world that Toadie will be looking back on, and Dee of course will be reminding him of that. So I think it'll be interesting to see how the cookie crumbles..."

    Are you looking forward to working with Eve Morey, who plays Sonya?

    "Absolutely. I haven't even met Eve yet, but I have watched and appreciated her work via the small screen. It's going to be a really interesting interplay, being this person from Toadie's past who has to be cognisant of the fact that he has moved on and he has a family. She'll have to try to find a little slot in his family without causing too much of a tsunami for the rest of the people that he loves."

    How long are you back filming at Neighbours for?

    "Let's just say it's a reasonable chunk of time, but the door is always left open..."

    How do you think the Neighbours fans are going to react to Dee's return?

    "Shock, denial, tears, celebrations - it's really hard to say! Probably in the same vein I reacted when I first read the storylines - equal parts delighted and equal parts disbelief.

    "There's also something really lovely about revisiting that time. I was really lucky to be on Neighbours during a really golden period of the show's history, where we had some really amazing storylines and fantastic characters.

    "Neighbours was huge in the UK and all of us loved nothing more than to go over there to attend the National Television Awards or appear on morning television to talk about the show. It was so terrific - and it's going to be lovely to revisit those halcyon days of Neighbours."

    Even after so many years away, have you always had fans mentioning Dee to you?

    "Absolutely. Even when my hair has been cut short or dyed black to play a different character, I'd still have people saying: 'I really loved Dee'. People would call me 'Dee' and ask if I missed Toadie.

    "It's really lovely that Dee was such a sweet, gentle and funny character. She wormed her way into so many people's hearts and it's really an honour to look back and see that she's still remembered so fondly.

    "Some of the characters I've played since have been pretty hardcore and the complete opposite of Dee. I've played druggies, gangsters' molls and sex workers - some really cutting edge characters. But now it's kind of nice to revisit a softer character."

    What's it like to work with Ryan Moloney, who plays Toadie, again?

    "He's great fun. It's really interesting to come back together after such a significant length of time. When I left the show, he was just about to get married. Now I'm returning to the show, I've got six children and he's got two kiddies. Our lives are very different and it's really interesting. It's almost like returning to a first love!"

    Has Neighbours changed much during your time away?

    "I think it's evolved. Neighbours has always been great for being very topical and dealing with up-to-date and current subject matter. Visiting the set, there are a lot of new faces who I've never seen before. But there are also a lot of familiar faces, which make it feel like a bit of a homecoming.

    "A lot of the sets are the same, but the complex itself has changed enormously. I'm really looking forward to going back to visit Pin Oak Court, which is of course Ramsay Street, and seeing some of the sights.

    "And I'm really looking forward to having the opportunity to play against some of the actors whom I remember so fondly from my days on the show 13 years ago."

    What else is coming up for you?

    "I'm in the middle of writing my second book and I've just finished another Channel 10 drama called The Wrong Girl, with the wonderful Jessica Marais as the lead. So we've all got our fingers crossed, hoping that will go into a second series. My co-star on that is actually Craig McLachlan, funnily enough, who we all remember from the Scott and Charlene days of Neighbours. So that's been great fun.

    "Apart from that, who knows? As an actor, you never really know what's next. But in the interim, I've got six small children to take care of and that's a job and a half in itself!"

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    Six kids!

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    I hope she's back as a Christmas break finale... frustrating but cool! Haha

    I actually hope she's a character to return!

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    memory loss like harold

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    some talk online oh her having a kid by toadie if true that was a miraculous crash

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